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Aug 24, 2007 05:27 AM

Steak in Las Vegas..

Is it possible to have a meal at a good steakhouse on the strip for around 50 bucks a person?

Seems like Delmonicos, Craftsteak etc are all above this price...

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  1. including drinks...doubtful, but circus circus is probably the best deal...just a little off the strip is golden corral ( sahara ) - you might be able to pull it off ( i have not been there in a year so not sure if there has been a price change there )

    1. It's Golden Steer, and the prices are roughly comparable to the high-end Strip steakhouses. Here is a link:

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      1. re: Friend of Bill

        I love the Golden Steer. It's so old-school Vegas. They do the table-side caesar salad, great escargot, etc. You have to go in knowing what to expect but if you have the right mind set then it's a great experience.