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Aug 24, 2007 05:20 AM

Pistachio Muffin???

Where can I get a really really good pistachio muffin in the Boston area? What about other muffins?

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  1. Brigham & Women's Hospital has big green ones most mornings.

    1. Try the Gingerbread Construction Co.
      No Pistachio, but other good muffins.

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      1. re: smpinbrk

        Second on that! if you go there, try the carrot cake muffin. It is a dessert rather than a muffin but you would have to go to San Fran to equal it!

        1. re: Cheffrank

          i am not in any way commenting on how good or bad (instore bakeries are) but many supermarkets that have them i have seen those muffins

          1. re: foodperv

            Mel's in Wayland has pistachio muffins. If I don't have one while I am there for breakfast, I get one to go. They frequently run out of them by 10:00am so be sure to get there earlier.

          2. re: Cheffrank

            Echoing that these are the best, most decadent "muffins" I've had, recently discovering this dangerous spot -- favorites are the pumpkin (great without the frosting --they usually have them this way if you ask), carrot cake, and strawberry shortcake -- these are dessert muffins, by the way, definitely not breakfast muffins.

            1. re: rlh

              Hope this isn't too off topic (should maybe be on the general board)... but after looking at all the delicious confections at Ging Co... what's the difference between a muffin and a cupcake... any bakers know?

              1. re: Rabbit

                Or a muffin and a "muffin loaf," besides shape...

                1. re: Rabbit

                  Traditionally, a muffin is less sweet, and often gets what sweetness it has from fruit rather than sugar, while cupcakes are just that - cakes made in small cups instead of big pans, but using a heavily sweetened cake batter. Also, cupcakes are typically frosted, while muffins are not.

                  Recently, many bakers make muffins so loaded with sugar that they should qualify as cupcakes, but they're called muffins so that people feel less guilty about eating them. Muffin just sounds so much healthier than "cake for breakfast," right?

                2. re: rlh

                  These are definitely dangerous muffins! My favorite go-to muffin is the signature gingerbread - lordy, the sugar rush I get after one of those is enough to keep me going all morning!

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    I had a gingerbread muffin from there yesterday and it was by far the best flavor I've had from there. What a pleasant surprise to have a big wad of cream cheese frosting in the middle! Not sure I'd eat it for breakfast, but it was an awesome snack...

                3. re: Cheffrank

                  Golden Goose has some good pistachio muffins

              2. Sadly, this thread seems to have drifted to lots and lots of praise for the Gingerbread Construction Company, which has shops in Wakefield and Winchester. Are their goods sold in Boston at all? Any other good muffins in Boston/Cambridge/Brookline? I can't see me hopping on the commuter rail for a muffin, I'm afraid. Thanks!

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                1. re: Allstonian

                  In the spirit of thread geography drift, then, I have to recommend the muffins at the Continental Cafe in (west) Acton, which are the best I've had. They also do savoury muffins -- cheese, potato, and bacon, for instance; or spinach and feta -- which are simply incredible. I'll now slap my own wrist as this is not in metro Boston, but Acton does get a mention here and there on this board.

                  1. re: chickendhansak

                    I went into the Continental Cafe last week looking for one of these tasty muffins. They had 1 flavor of muffin i think it was a raspberry with white chocolate or something. Nothing else. I asked the guy about the savoury ones and he said that yea sometimes they do those and they had been doing the spinach ones lately but nothing. So we got a hermit which we threw out as it was dry and nasty and a c.c cookie which was ok. Oh well.

                    1. re: hargau

                      What time of day did you go? In the mornings there is usually a wide selection. They don't typically have more than one kind of savoury muffin -- not that I've seen, anyway. I had a cheese/potato/bacon one just over a week ago.

                      1. re: chickendhansak

                        Well, time is running out for anyone looking for the Contintenal Cafe muffins, because the cafe is apparently closing down in its current form -- last day is Wednesday 19th September. It's been sold and the new owners are coming in on 25th.

                        I hope they retain their top quality muffins, but this could be the end.

                  2. re: Allstonian


                    You don't consider Winchester and the Fells Reservation within the Boston metro area? The bakery is within a half mile of the perimeter on Washington street. Where does the metro area end in your opinion (I think 128 is a good boundary)?

                    To answer your question, I am not aware of similar items under their "muffin" label or others anywhere else in Boston -- its the fillings and frostings that really separate them -- and bring them ever so close to cupcakes..and they are under $2 each!

                    Consider risking a commuter train ride, zipcar rental, or longish bike ride to Winchester to check out this amazing 2000-acre gem with a walk or hike (or mountain biking or dog walking off leash if you're so inclined..) -- then reward yourself with one of those unique dessert muffins at Gingerbread CC.

                    The other chowish element of Winchester I'd highlight is Catch for dinner -- be sure you have reservations -- small, upscale, and excellent.

                    PS - I DON'T live in Winchester -- I just like the place and it's focused chow options.

                    1. re: rlh

                      You can pick nits all you want over the definition of the "Boston metro area." Route 128 is an arguably reasonable boundary. Winchester and Wakefield are both pretty towns and I've been to both on the commuter rail. However, that doesn't change the fact that those towns are not in or adjacent to Boston itself. In the unlikely case that I were to find myself in Winchester or Wakefield at an appropriate time of day I'll be happy to know that there are excellent muffins to be had. I would truly love to know about some I might be able to enjoy without planning an expedition.

                      (Not to mention the fact that the Gingerbread Construction Company, fabulous is it apparently is, does not actually have pistachio muffins.)

                      1. re: Allstonian

                        Not to mention that it would take practically forever (and cost a dear penny) to get to either by the T.

                  3. Roche Brothers has a good one...

                    1. You could give the Magnificent Muffin and Bagel Co. in Teele Square a call. They have good muffins.

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                      1. re: bear

                        I understand they have a second location in west medford. Any idea where exactly that is?

                        1. re: Girl Friday

                          Magnificent Muffin and Bagel Co. is at 491 High Street (Route 60) in West Medford. It's located next to the Rite Aid Pharmacy (Formerly Brooks) and the West Medford Post Office.

                          1. re: Girl Friday

                            I haven't been to the Medford location, but I did drive by it the other day on my way to Donuts with a Difference (awesome donuts). I'm pretty sure it was on Rte. 60, near the Arlington side of Medford, on your left in a group of stores well before you get to Medford Center if you are coming from Arlington.

                          2. re: bear

                            Magnificent Muffins has pistachio muffins. However, as much as a dearly love their egg sandwiches, I found the pistachio muffin to be disappointing. It was extremely greasy. The flavor was probably okay, but the muffin had a texture like it'd been soaked in oil almost. Pretty gross. I think i threw most of it away.

                            They do have them, though. So if the OP is desperate, maybe worth a try. I might just be overly particular about muffins...