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Aug 24, 2007 04:45 AM

The "What's good in Peel" thread.. (BRAMPTON/MISSISSAUGA Only please) :^)

Hi folks :^)

I guess the point of this thread is to discuss/reccomend/state your opinion on what you would consider some of the best places in Brampton or Mississauga.. My only rule is NO INDIAN food please!! ( Things like Shawarma are definitely encouraged (being mediterranian) but I absolutely am not interested at all in Indian food or restaurants for now :) )

So, I suppose I will kick things off with PETERS ON EGLINTON

A greek-owned restaurant specializing in sliced-in-front-of-you-made-to-order deli sandwiches, and souvlaki...

At first glance, the items on the menu are indeed pricey.. But this place has made its name by giving portions fit for an absolute king, and served with consistency (In My Opinion, of course).. Grab a "Super" Pastrami Sandwich (fries/pickles/coleslaw all included) and the size will blow you away.. I'm going to come right out and admit _I HAVE NEVER HAD SCHWARTZES SMOKED MEAT_ but I gotta tell ya, I enjoy this more than any of the other smoked-meat restaurants I've visited in the GTA lately... Katz's deli is no competition, at least judging by the time I've eaten there... I've also never tried Center St. Deli but I have heard on many occasions over dinnertime food chat that the place is lackluster at best lately :)

Sorry for the ranting, just wondering what other places (preferably take-out) are worth checking out in peel... I've got PLENTY more to reccomend but I don't wanna do them all in one post.. Hopefully this thread will survive for a while :)

- Your fellow foodie in Peel!!

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  1. I love Saucy in Streetsville..everything I've had is so good!
    Pomodoro in Brampton for pizza slices...
    Molinaro Bakery on Creditview in Mississauga for pizza slices...
    Lousianna Seafood Bar and Grill @ Steeles/Hurontario has great food..
    Via Allegro on the Queensway is delicious but pricey..
    Also in Mississauga on Dundas/Erin Mills is Apricot Tree Cafe for a nice lunch/desserts and Rosewood Bistro or Rogues for a nicer meal

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    1. re: burlgurl

      Never heard of Saucy, will have to try it :)

      Pomodoro is pretty good but because I live right in that area I've gotten sick of it I suppose.. Their pizza definitely is pretty spectacular..

      Lousiana Seafood, we're friends with the owner (Steve) and while people seem to love, I'm not a seafood person at all :)

      I'll check out those other places as well :-) Thanks for the reccomendations!

      1. re: duckdown

        Saucy has changed their menu and I think it's wayyy over rated. The service was great and I love the fact that they have an open kitchen but the prices are way to high for the quality and portions they serve. Paid around $30 for Pork chop...expecting at least a double por chop...nope a regular slice of pork chop on a bed on what I swear is 3tbsp of rice and 2 asparagus spears. My husband ordered the steak around $40 and I think it was an 8oz.

        I understand they're fine dining but we've gone to several fine dining spots like Via Allegro, North 44, Bymark and portions were bigger than that! We came out hungry! We should've gone to The Keg.

        1. re: chiqchiq

          Tiny portions are the worst, glad you posted this, especially when paying above average prices.. Think I'll pass on Saucy

          1. re: duckdown

            I'm surprised you were there long enough to get those small portions. I find the Saucy's service one of the worst in Mississauga. The staff really doesn't care about your experience.

            My last visit there was a brutal 2 hour lunch for only an appetizer and entree. We didn't take 2 hours to eat... it took 2 hours for service or lack thereof.

            1. re: Nevy

              I think it's one of those "regulars" get better service type of place. The place, all around, seemed pretentious.

              We've been there before and the prices were definitely not like this. Food was terrible though. I remember sitting down looking at the menu and being completely confused as to what type of restaurant it was. It had a bit of everthing...spring rolls, pizza, "pasta", grill. I put quotes on that because it certainly wasn't pasta I'm used to. My husband's Italian.

              We decided to give it another chance thinking maybe we just didn't give it a chance the first time. Waste of $120 with wine and tip on a Tuesday if you ask me.

              I don't get why it's packed and good restaurants in Streetsville aren't.

              1. re: chiqchiq

                CC, you had exactly my last experience there too. Some guests received a lot more attention than we did. Perhaps the "regulars" are receiving complimentary items that other guests subsidize. It happens. Or maybe they are just big tippers.

                They are priced for excellence and fall short.

    2. I know you're on this thread already but others may not have seen it:

      1. Any recommendations for spots near the Brampton Courthouse?

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        1. re: Zengarden

          Turtle Jacks across the street has great food

        2. Well there's Astoria for Greek Food (it's similar to the Astoria on Danforth Rd) across from the Starsky supermarket on Dundas St (few blocks before the 427). It's where the George's Big and Tall is located. There's Rio Grande Cantina next to Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club on Dixie Rd.
          Applebee's on Mavis (at Heartland) is decent quick food.
          Lemongrass at Square One (southwest entrance by the Bay) has good Thai food.
          Mariko (on Ridgeway Dr. and Laird Rd.) has decent AYCE Sushi.
          Big Bowl on Glen Erin Dr and Liruma Rd as well as Viet-Thai Restaurant on Eglinton and Credit Valley Rd both have good Vietnamese food.
          If you're looking for a variety of beers West-50 on Burnhamthorpe Rd and Hurontario St has plenty of choices at pretty decent prices.
          Coopers (west of Burnhamthorpe and Mavis), the Harp (Lakeshore Rd, east of Mississauga Rd), and Failte (Duke of York Blvd across from the Mississauga Central Library and City Hall) both have good pub food.
          Tremendous (open late) on Wolfedale Rd and Emerald (Eglinton and Hurontario) both have good Chinese Food though some have rated them so-so.

          How's that for starters?

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          1. re: RogueEats

            Awesome man.. Most if not all of those are pretty new to me (Aside from Tremendous, shudder) Thanks for the great suggestions.. I absolutely LOVE greek food so I'm definitely gonna try to make it to that Astoria.. It's very far from me though..

            The Applebees on Mavis I had a friend who worked there, he says he was absolutely blown away by the amount of food they microwave there... Like its shocking, and he's worked at alot of those typical places like Kelseys, or Milestones, etc..

            Tremendous is pretty much a dump, with multiple failed health inspections, but it does serve its purpose when you're drunk in the middle of the night looking for some fried rice & chicken balls :)

            Great post man, thanks alot

            1. re: duckdown

              So like you're down with the health insprectors? Funny but Tremendous seemed to have its docs in order recently--and the food wasn't bad, either...How can anyone feign surprise at nuked food served by pits like Kelsey's? Dumps? Louisiana qualifies but then the wall-to-wall drunks do give it that NOLA ambiance without decent food.

              1. re: duckdown

                Round 2:

                Pickle Barrel and Spring Rolls at Erin Mills Town Centre. If you're craving a smoked meat sandwich, PB gives you a plate big enough to feed 3 people and their milkshakes come in a huge beer stein that guarantees to give you a sugar rush for the next few hours. Spring Rolls has really good Thai Fusion food though watch out for the dried chilis as they tend to be hidden in the dish.

                Smitty's on Dundas St W (on the left side if you're going west towards Oakville) has fantastic skillets for breakfast. I've never tried them for dinner as yet but I hear they're quite good too.

                Skyway Jack's on Mississauga Rd I hear has a fantastic brunch menu.
                Jimbay's (on Dixie Rd, left side if you're going north from Eglinton) has FANTASTIC sushi. It's one of the handful of Japanese restaurants run by actual Japanese. I do recommend staying away from the tatami mats if you have difficulty bending or getting into tight spaces.

                I know you prefer to stay away from Indian food but if someone does ask you for a recommendation, you can give them Saravanaa Bhavan (sp?) on Hurontario and Eglinton. It's to the left of the Toys'R'Us store. Last time I tried to go there there was a wait to get tables. It's also been featured on TV. Their chefs are all "imported" from various parts of India apparently.

                If you want Greek and don't really want to travel that far, you might want to try Colossus at 280 Lakeshore Rd E. Give them at least 24 hours if you want them to roast a whole leg of lamb for you (for a minimum of a 4 top).

                Mario's on Dundas St just about a block or two east of Hurontario has some fantastic Portuguese food. It's next to a used car dealership and a strip mall so you have to keep your eyes open as the place looks like a barn from the outside. They also do takeout but personally I'd just go to Brassas (on the northwest corner of Glen Erin Dr and Burnhamthorpe Rd W, you can't miss this one as that corner is the only strip mall at that intersection) if I want take-away Portuguese. The roasted potato balls and garlic hot sauce makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

                For Fusion Asian there's Axia on Plantation Place and Eglinton Ave (2 blocks east of Winston Churchill Blvd) but I hear the service is all over the place. Personally I found their Pad Thai a bit too sweet for my liking.

                If you're just looking to relax there's the Second Cup on Hurontario that's open pretty late but my personal choice is the Starbucks on Dundas St W and Ridgeway Dr. It's the only Starbucks that I've found in Mississauga to be open until midnight.

                1. re: RogueEats

                  Awesome man, simply awesome

                  Once again thanks for the amazing post, I've tried Mario's before but I love pretty much any churrasqueria-style chicken (who doesnt!) so I think I'm gonna make the trek over to Brassas right NOW! :)

                  I absolutely love greek food, mainly souvlaki, so I can't wait to give Astoria and Colossus a shot.. And my Dad really loves lamb so that sounds right up his alley as well :)

                  Axia I've tried before, back when it was located inside of a mall.. Wasn't too crazy about it then, and I've seen people on another Canadian forum say it wasn't too great so I might skip that one..

                  I've also heard good things about SkyWay Jack's but have never gotten a chance to try it.. Being the foodie of the house I usually just go for take-out rather than getting the chance to dine in, but I absolutely LOVE a good breakfast (Who doesnt!)

                  I've eaten at a Pickle Barrel downtown before.. It was pretty good but I could have sworn the one thing I remembered about it is that the portions were not very large at all... Could have just been the item I ordered off the menu though.. I didn't know we had one in Mississauga :)

                  Thanks again man, I look forward to trying all of this out :)


            2. Are you asking or telling us about where to eat? The "no Indian" advisory worries me about your scope if you live in Mississauga/Brampton. Peter's is sorta OK+ with loads of food the HDL-glutted clientele obviously adores.

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              1. re: Kagemusha

                I am just asking what places you enjoy in the Peel region area.. I really just do not like Indian food and I mean, considering where I live, I could try local options for days if I ever wanted to