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Aug 24, 2007 02:26 AM

Best up-scale in Austin [Moved from Texas board]

My husband and I will be in Austin for a long wek-end in mid Sept. What is the best up-scale or little Jewel in Austin. No Barbeque, Steak or TexMex we get that at home in Dallas.

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  1. i vote Vespaio.

    am i wrong? it's upscale right? or are we talking Jeffreys level of upscale.

    1. Uchi is my favorite "upscale" restaurant in Austin, though I think that word could easily mean different things to different people. It's definitely not quiet or dressy.

      Having eaten all of the types of food mentioned in Dallas, I think I have to disagree with your strategy. Dallas is much stronger in the upscale and steak categories, but you'll find much better BBQ and Mexican in and around Austin. If I were coming from Dallas and had one meal, I'd much rather make the 30 minute drive to Lockhart than eat anything fancy.

      1. Vespaio sounds great, any tips on getting a reservation, or should we just go early and wait.

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          Vesapaio does not take reservations for anything past 6:00 so you best be ready to go and wait. Honestly, I think Vespaio is good, but not great. For an alternative that gets great reviews on this board may I suggest you investigate Backstage Steakhouse? (Name says "steakhouse", but they have much more and their fish dishes and soups are well-reviewed.) You may also want to search reviews on Starlite.

        2. It depends if you are looking for upscale atmosphere or upscale food. they can be mutually exclusive :). Wink has been my favorite restaurant in Austin; Starlite is pretty high up there also. starlite has a better atmosphere, but coming from San Francisco, I'll take the little hole in the wall next to the dry cleaners (Wink) any day of the week!