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Aug 24, 2007 12:17 AM

any interesting spots near Bolinas/Stintson/Pt Reyes

i'll be up in Bolinas, Stinton & Pt Reyes this weekend showing a visiting friend around and was wondering if there are any interested eateries up there? something intimate and off the beaten path would be nice, but any place of interest will do. i'm not familiar with the area so i really could use a few suggestions.

the only place i've eaten in/near Pt Reyes is the Pine Cone Diner, which was enjoyable, and remains an option, but I would love to hear if there are any other houndish venues anywher up there along the 1 (or close-ish).


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  1. Anyone - how's the Station House in Pt Reyes these days? It used to be upmarket but I think they simplified the menu - still to good reviews.

    Too bad Manka's is still rebuilding after the fire - that'd be your best bet out there. They say they hope to re-open early in 2008.

    1. I must have Fish and Chips on my mind. When you said Bolinas all I could think of was this British woman saying that she had the BEST Fish & Chips EVER! Mind you I figure most Brits are knowledgable about F&C. The place must be Coast Cafe (related topic):
      Which was mentioned by other C'hounders.If you aren't into that it sounded like Fish Tacos were an option.


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        I think for Fish and Chips near Bolinas you're supposed to go to the Pelican Inn on Highway 1 south of Stinson, but I don't have any first-hand experience. The Pelican Inn is supposed to be a very British-style pub.

        Fish and Chips at the Coast Cafe are pretty good, but the type of fish they use varies by the season so if you're partial to cod you might not be satisfied.

      2. Coast Cafe in Bolinas is pretty good. Its got a back porch and the staff is very friendly. It's all local and sustainable California cuisine- $11-18 an entree with a good beer selection. I'm not sure I'd consider it intimate, but its very cozy.

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          I will cast a scond vote for Coast Cafe.
          They also have fresh shucked oysters. and i have found that if you get a dozen raw oysters and and an order of fries. The residual flavor left in your mouth after eating them will be remarkably like having eaten an order of fresh fried ipswich whole belly clams.

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            What a great description! and discovery .... ( whole belly clams )

        2. The Olema Inn comes to mind, though when I ate there in May the kitchen was having a hard time getting our orders out (we were six). The waitress was apologetic and attentive and gave us wine and dessert on the house.

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            I enjoyed the Olema Inn last Thanksgiving. It was really lovely. The produce and meat were mostly local and organic. The presentations were thoughtful but not fussy; pretty excellent, actually. We were 7 and the service was timely, professional and friendly. All on a holiday that can be very tough on a kitchen and staff.

          2. Parkside Cafe in Stinson Beach -- a great choice for lunch or dinner. Do a search on it in Chowhound and you'll find a number of posts.

            Parkside Cafe
            43 Arenal Ave, Stinson Beach, CA 94970