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Aug 23, 2007 08:28 PM

Best donair in Edmonton?

Coming back home for vacation. Have never found good donairs in Philly. Anyone know of a good place in Edmonton. I remember Queen Donair in the West end and Charles Smart if they are still around?

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  1. Both are still around. My favourite is King Donair on 99 St. and 23 Ave, they have huge and tasty donairs for a great price. When I visit from Toronto, it's the first place I stop at after leaving the airport! I have a similar problem to yours, I miss donairs as we have shawarmas instead in Toronto.

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      A second vote for King Donair. We lived one block from Charles Smart (Federally Inspected!!) on Whyte Ave. and 93rd, and though they make a consistently fine donair, I found it was worth the extra time to hop in a vehicle and head to King. Sadly, we only discovered it a couple of months before we moved to Calgary.

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        Are you talking about

        Kings Donairs & Submarine - 780-463-0975
        3350 Parsons Road NW , Edmonton , AB T6N 1B5

        I don't remember anything on 23 Ave

      2. Just had a donair from Burger Baron and it was really good!

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          I have had the Halifax donair from the Burger Baron on 111th Ave (I think) in the west end. It is always loaded, fresh, messy...just the way I like it. By the way, what exactly gives it the Halifax name? Whenever I am in the Maritimes and order a donair it is wrapped in a thick pizza-like crust with a very sweet sauce that I do not particularily like.

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            What you probably had when you was in the Maritimes was called a Donair Zarotti, or sometimes refered to as a donair pocket, it is pizza dough wrapped around a mound of donair meat and usually topped with Mozza cheese, onions and tomato, I always get as a extra item fetta cheese, that really brings the taste out marvelously.

            As for the sauce, it is a mixture of sugar, minced garlic or garlic powder according to the establishments preference, condensed milk, and vinegar, which makes a reaction with the condensed milk and coagulates it to make a thick sauce, some places just do not know how to make a nice thick donair sauce, a bit less messy when it is not so runny, they use to much sugar which makes it overpoweringly sweet, or to much vinegar which make the sauce to tangy.

            I am from Nova Scotia and every pizza place around has there own little variation on making a donair, but like many have posted already King Of Donair was the first to make the spicey blend that has piloted every donair to date, the first establishment was opened up in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Quinpool Road in the early 1971, hence the King, they really werent around for to long.

            However some places really know what they are doing, if you ever get a chance to have a Bubba Sub, which is donair meat and your choice on tomatoes and onions on a sub bun smothered with garlic butter and toasted, now theres a creation worth trying, I am totally addicted to them, seriously!

            Also wondering if anyone knows the place in Edmonton that makes a donair but kind of has what to use for a sauce confused, my friend went there and ended up with sour cream, that is not the original sauce for sure, although im going to have to try it now just for spite.

            Happy Cooking, and by the way you cant beat your own homemade doniar meat, most places use a mass produced, and cheaply made version of donair meat that has a rubbery texture, you need a solid meat, but a meatloaf like texture when you chew it, Bonte corperation is the main colperate running the name of the donair!

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              *edit. I see I already posted similar below. Oh well.

              I had the Donair at Park Allen and it had sour cream and it was terrible (served cold with donair meat from Save on Foods not the good stuff). That's probably not the place you were talking about.

              I would definitely try High Voltage Cafe while in Edmonton. They have 5 different sauces to choice from and they grill the pita in a panni press with garlic butter and sea salt on it.

              I've made my own a few times and a good tip is to put the meat in a mixer for like 20 minutes to really break it down and pack it together. I tried mixing it by hand once and it just crumbled apart when I tried to cut it.

              You can also make the sauce with evaporated milk and add some sugar. It's not quite as thick then.

        2. My favorite is Mr Donair on Stony Plain Rd and 161(?) street next to a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. It's on the south side of Stony Plain.

          Not for the hygenic faint of heart... but really tasty.

          1. i think la shish just off jasper ave is a shawarma, but they are tops in my books.

            1. Simon King is another great pick, on 51st Ave and 91 Street. For pure indugent grease factor, try the massive donairs at Road Runner Pizza on Whyte Ave and 98 Street (in the strip mall with K & K Foodliner, next to Blind Pig Pub) They offer late nite delivery too, it used to be an after bar favourite instead of Pizza 73. Speaking of pizza, if you are in, try Road Runner's donair pizza, with extra sweet sauce for dipping. THE SWEET SAUCE ROCKS!