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Aug 23, 2007 07:48 PM

Best fried chicken and breakfast in Charleston, SC?

We are here for three nights and I adore fried chicken and breakfast. What's the best in town? (Yes, I think that is two questions!)

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  1. Fried chicken and all things Southern: Gullah Cuisine and Seewee (both up Hwy 17 in Mt Pleasant)

    Breakfast: Bookstore Cafe (Mt Pleasant) for their giant potato casseroles. Rutledge Coffee & Cream (Downtown) for large portion hippy food. Lots of places for Sunday Brunch (Tristan, High Cotton, Moe's Crosstown, Mia's, Vickery's, etc.).

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    1. re: CharlestonChow

      I ate at both of those places last trip to Charleston. Well worth the drive just for the food.

      I think I could eat shrimp and grits 3 times a day.

    2. Get thee to Poogan's Porch for the quintessential southern biscuit.

      1. Best Breakfast in Charleston - Joseph's on Meeting St. gets my vote. Sweet potato pancakes are devine. The "Sandlapper Magazine" recently gave them an outstanding review. The Baker's Cafe is also a good breakfast choice but don't miss Joseph's. Justine's Kitchen does chicken right.

        1. I had some delicious fried chicken recently at Kitty's Diner on Morrison Drive. Somewhat of a dive but delicious and reasonable. They also do breakfast but can't vouch for it.

          1. I agree on the Bookstore Cafe in Mount Pleasant for breakfast, though it's now called Charleston's Cafe.