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Aug 23, 2007 07:24 PM

Metairie neighborhood restaurants

After considering myself a New Orleans exile for the past two years, I am beginning to accept the fact that my move to Metairie is permanent. My favorite dining has always been local neighborhood joints, and in New Orleans that was Nirvana. I was a fixture at places like Mandina's, Ye Olde College Inn, Domilise's, Buster Holmes (long ago, sigh . . .), Rendon Inn (also gone), Katie's (also gone) etc., etc. etc.

Metairie has never seemed much of a neighborhood place to me, but tonight I finally tried a local place, Mr. Ed's. I was very surprised! The gumbo was quite good and the crabmeat au gratin, while not executed to a recipe I would ordinarly go for (covered with cheddar cheese), had some extraordinarily good crabmeat in it. And a lot of it. I will definitely go back.

My question is: what other places like Mr. Ed's have I not discovered? I do know about the Galley (used to go there for takeout long before Katrina), and Bozo's. What else is out here in the 'burbs I don't know about?

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  1. I had a long reply her for you, but it went poof.

    Sorry about that, but I am not typing it all over again!
    But I will tell you the names of all the places:

    Sammy's Live Oak Deli (down the street from Mr. Ed's)
    Like Byblos Market, it is a sit down deli within a grocery store. Nothing fancy, but both have regular menus & also it makes for great take out as well.

    The meatball poboy is very good at Sammy's. I even had a nice rib eye once. They butcher their own meat & also have a nice little meat market. A one of a kind kind of place.

    Byblos Market
    2020 Veterans Memorial Blvd. (Beverly Garden Dr.) Map
    Metairie, LA 70002

    Austin's (from the Mr. Ed family)


    Old World Deli, haven't been post K, but went for the 25 yrs before that.
    Really good muffalettas, po boys and plate lunches. You can buy a pan of lasagna & other entree items too. Includes a little imported grocery store (a few shelves). Some tables for dine in, lots of take out.

    I used to work in Metairie for years, there must be more I am not thinking of at this moment. Like your move . . . I moved to the WB and have been eating out over here now . . . much, much more. I wish we had an Indian place over here!

    Let us know what else you discover!

    Oh, yes, haven't been myself, but I have heard good things about Cypress from a fellow foodie. Near Austin's & Vincent's.

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      Isabella, have you been to clementine's post-k? Still there, how is it, etc...

    2. Actually have tried to go 5 times in the last year.
      Every time the door was locked before closing and the waiter ignored me & my knocking!

      I wasn't trying to get in at that point, but at least wanted to talk to someone about their hours as the black board said their hours posted were temporary ones.

      I have had 2 different sets of friends go with polar opposite experiences - great (the regulars) & bad (newbies).

      Last time I check (a couple of months ago) they had stopped serving lunch & it was dinner only. I wonder if they must have trouble finding help or something.

      I will see what I can find out next week. If you don't hear from me, bump it up!

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        Thanks, haven't been since pre-k obviously, but loved the mussels in the lobster broth.

      2. Try Impastato's for italian food, but be ready to eat for 3 hours.
        Royal China for Dim Sum, the food off the menu is good also.
        Peppermill, but I have yet to see a peppermill in the place. I love fresh ground pepper!
        Chad's Bistro, they make a good martini. Dirty please!
        Laurentino's, The owner is a kick, the Tapas is great!
        Swamproom, Big burgers that are good.
        Acropolis, Good Greek food, need I say more!

        1. It's probably moot, as the restaurant looked like it might be closed, but pre-K, we had several good meals at a Metairie restaurant, Barraca on Old Metairie Road, about half-way between Causeway Blvd. and the RR tracks, River-side of the street. The food was very good, and the service was the same. It was a higher-end "neighborhood" spot and seemed to cater to the locals along Old Metairie Rd. You might want to have a look, and maybe it just drove past at the wrong times.

          Several on this board, also sing the praises of The Galley, a bit farther down and on the Lake-side of the street. I was less impressed on our last two visits, also pre-K. I have foodie-buds, who swear by it and also love Brigtsen's so I'm not sure what we missed. It's a bit more down-scale and specializes in seafood.


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            Barreca's has still not opened to the general public. Private parties only.

            I used to frequent The Galley. You have to know what to get & what to avoid.

            And don't go late!

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              Guess what!

              I spoke to the Barreca folks at the Gretna Fest 2 weeks ago & they said they hope to be open by the end of the year. No promises tho.

            2. Radosta's in Old Metairie, and Parran's on Veterans.

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                Radosta's rocks
                Martins is out there...
                Luthers BBQ
                Porky's too
                Who doesn't love Houstons...
                There's Morning Call
                Crazy Johnnies

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                  Me, I don't love Houston's.

                  I finally went to Drago's, and the charbroiled oysters were worth the trip. Everything else was good, too, they do a good job with the fryer.