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Aug 23, 2007 07:13 PM

Looking for tasty baked goods...

Since the trans fat ban was put into place, I've found that the quality of most pareve baked goods has gone way down... pies taste awful, cakes are dry. I'm hunting for good kosher pareve desserts... any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. The penultimate answer to this question is The Meltaway Cake from Zomick's in Cederhurst, NY. Some will argue, but deep down inside everyone knows this is the greatest parve cake.

    The glorious amount of chocolate takes care of the dryness issue.

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    1. re: brooklynyid

      I think the apple one is way better!

      1. The sephardic pastries at Sababa bakery on Kings Highway in Brooklyn are always terrific. Ditto for their pita and zatar bread.

        1. re: jeterfan

          Take 2: Babkas from Green's blow away The Meltaway, which, while a good pareve option, is vastly overrated, imo.

          1. re: jeterfan

            I find everything from Zomick's way overrated

        2. To be honest, I've always found the Meltaway to be a greasy, mostly flavorless concoction, and have never understood why other people love it so much.

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            we live in westchester so I think our choices our vastly more limited. I can only get whatever zomick's items are sold by supersol... which is unfortunately the only full-service kosher market up here. Unless someone has a suggestion for someplace in riverdale? We do get the babkas from green's, but even those seem not as moist as they used to. I've never had the meltaway cake. By far one of the most excellent treats I've had recently was the raisin-pumpernickel a relative bought in the five towns... I have no idea where it was from, but it was wonderful.

          2. Fresh fruit pies(actually made with fresh fruit, not canned, though they have that, too), moist cupcakes, large cakes and danishes, apple charlotte, mini tarts.....I can go on and on. I've said this many times, I really believe that Chiffon's bakery puts a lot of effort not only into the look of their products but the taste and quality can't be beat. I don't think I have ever bought a dry or awful cake there.

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            1. re: dadisachef

              Where is this located, and do they sell it in Riverdale, Westchester or just over the Tappan Zee? (willing to travel if I can find the right place to shop!)

              1. re: doc_k55

                I agree with Chu's post regarding Zomick's being overrated. They used to have better quality baked goods when they were a smaller operation. The mass production of baked goods has hurt their quality.

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                  They are located on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. I know they make deliveries to Manhattan. I would call and ask if they'd deliver to your area.

                  1. re: dadisachef

                    by the way, Zomick's has closed their retail location on Central Ave. in Cedarhurst. They will continue as a wholesale only bakery.