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Aug 23, 2007 06:59 PM

Pearl or Israeli CousCous

Can anyone recommend a place to purchase Pearl or Israeli CousCous? Not already prepared but some I can cook at home. I am in Morningside Heights.


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  1. I think Fairway (74th St) carries it. I haven't looked specifically for it in a while, but they did have it. (Also maybe I shouldn't assume, but if the 74th St. one has it, I'd guess the 125th St. one would too.)

    1. I'm sure a lot of places carry Israeli couscous, but the one place I definitely remember seeing it (for real cheap) was Associated Supermarket on First Ave circa 80th St.



      1. Kalustyan's, on Lex, b/t 28th & 29th Sts., carries Israeli couscous. Even though it's far from where you live, it's worth the trip because every nook and cranny of the store is crammed full of wonderful items.

        1. The Fairway on 74th St has it (as does any sort of place like that these days), don't know about the one on 125th. I haven't been in the immediate vicinity in a long time, butt there must be some place arond Columbia that has it, no? If nothing else there's a Garden of Eden somewhere on Broadway in the low 100s/high 90s IIRC...

          1. The original comment has been removed