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Aug 23, 2007 06:58 PM

New and Chowish in D.C.

I'm gearing up for the first of two fall trips to D.C. and Annapolis. My husband and I get to the area at least once a fall for fall crabs and fine and ethnic dining among other things.

So, here's my question, Is there anything new and noteworthy that has opened in the past year in D.C. or surrounding area? We like all levels of dining and all ethnicities. Anything goes as long as it is done well!


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  1. There are a ton of new restaurant that have opened up in DC in the past year...actually this year seems to be more of a boom then usual.

    Unfortunatly I haven't gotten a chance to try too many of them (anyone who wants to treat me to a dinner at Central, Hook, and Bistro Beck should go right ahead!).

    The one place I have tried is the new wine bar in Gallery Place/Penn Quarter called Proof. I really enjoyed the food and the wine I had there. You should certainly make a reservation though because it is hot, hot, hot. The service was great though and I especially liked the cheese choices.

    Not sure if you've been there or how new it is but in the same area is the excellent PS7. The menu is a lot of fun--lots of interesting presentations like mini tuna tartar sliders, tasty arrancini, gourmet mini red hots, and yummy ceviche. The atmosphere is very chic, with outdoor seating. They also have a great bar area where you can order off of their lounge menu. They make very good drinks as well.

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      I haven't heard of anything new and chowish in Annapolis. There is Osteria 177, which was good, but there is better of that type of food in DC. I would rather go to O'Leary's or Tsunami again given the option. Or stick with crabs and crabcakes as even the best places in DC never compare in my opinion. Annapolis does classics well. Lots of threads on these, but I will give my two cents if you want.

      In DC I have been to Central and yum! For the price point so good, the food is definately prepared well, and the quality and portions are wonderful for the money! I actually considered it a good deal when I went there. I wrote a seperate review there are a bunch you can check them out. I am going to Brasserie Beck next week so will update. I want to get the mussels but after McGarvey's (you know the place in Annapolis) Thursday night happy hour deal of $3 huge plates of gouregous yummy mussels it is hard to find something to top that. Haven't been to Hook, yet. (So many places on my list so little time) plus there are lots of older than a year places worth checking out as you know.

      Sushi Ko now apparently has a chef's tasting (this might not be new read about it somewhere maybe Washington Post) that looked incredible and I really want to try, as well. But Central so definately worth the money, I wouldn't miss it unless there are some older but still excellent places you haven't been (Komi, Citronelle, Restaurant Eve).

    2. Both Central and Brasserie Beck are very big news. Less expensive, informal variations from well-known chefs. Queen Makeda is a newly renovated Ethiopian place that is a true family operation that serves lovingly prepared food. All three are fantastic.

      Queen Makeda
      1917 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

      Brasserie Beck
      1101 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

      Central Michel Richard
      1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004