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Authentic Italian in KC?

We are looking for great (and authentic) Italian food in Kansas City. Whenever we are in town and want Italian, we also go to Lidia's. We love their food, but we need something different. Can any recommend a place that we should try? We would prefer something on the Missouri side, but will drive if it's worth it! Thanks!

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  1. Try Garozzo's at 526 Harrison. It's my favorite Italian place.

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      I have seen Garozzo locations in they neighboring Kansas City areas, have you tried them and think this particular location is better? It has been a restaurant. I have been meaning to try

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        My word for Garozzo's is mediocre.

      2. There are a lot of red-sauce Italian restaurants in KC -- several excellent -- but I assume that's not what you're looking for, correct?

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          You're exactly right! We aren't looking for red-sauce Italian. Something more authentic Italian and not so much American-Italian.

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            Then Osteria il Centro may be what you're looking for.

        2. We had a Garozzo's here in Wichita but it closed. It was very good. Except I hated the bread. It was cold with sesame seeds on it, and they serve it with cold butter. We would always hold the little foil packs over the candles so you could spread it.

          1. Accurso's - it is off of the Plaza, I think near Rockhurst University. LOVE it.

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              Accurso's is at 51st and Main. It is a perfect example of what I meant by an excellent red-sauce Italian joint.

              Just catty-cornered is a popular place called Osteria il Centro. Very loyal following and more of an "authentic" place. I've never been, though.

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                My in-laws went to Osteria il Centro a few weeks ago and came back raving about it. For whatever that's worth.

            2. Anthony's at 701 Grand Ave or the original Garozzo's at 526 Harrison. At Garozzo's get the garlic dipping sauce, makes the bread taste much better.

              1. Lidia's in the Crossroads is delicious authentic Italian. Some say it's past its prime, but I still adore it.

                Lidia's Kansas City
                101 W 22nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

                1. Jasper's at 103 and State Line is excellent. I'm a little surprised no one has mentioned it.
                  Carmen's in Brookside is very good too.
                  The former chef at Macaluso's has opened a restaurant in the same building, Faruzza from the Pitch liked it although I haven't been yet.

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                    I totally forgot about Jaspers! It's just totally out of the way for me. But it is excellent.

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                      A couple other places I have no experience with but might spark conversation: Il Trullo and Trezo Mare.

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                        I don't think of Trezo Mare as Italian. Yeah, it has influences, but it's kind of fusion food, really, which is pretty far from "authentic." I've eaten there once, and it was a good experience, plus the views are great and it's a comfortable, warm environment. Their prices are high but the portions were extraordinarily generous. We had leftovers for two more meals.

                        I haven't been to Il Trullo, though I keep meaning to go. I'd love to hear input on their newer menu. I've heard it's changed quite a bit.

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                          I had lunch at Il Trullo on Friday. It was not a good experience. I had pizza and my lunch companion had a bowl of pasta. We both agreed that the food was very bland and did not justify the price. Neither of us will ever go back and I certainly would not take clients there.

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                            Interesting....It's been a few years since we've been. However, our meals there have been some of the best we've had in KC - and the service has always been more than excellent.

                            I've never had their pizza or pasta (nor been there for lunch for that matter). So, I can't comment on those particular dishes. I do know the Cioppino I had was top notch - as was the roasted chicken dish we had the first time we went. Oh, and this wonderfeul fig salad! Mmmmm!

                            I also recall that it was very reasonably priced - so - maybe things have changed a great deal since our last visit.

                            I believe I'll have to talk my husband into a trip to the Southland to check it out again.

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                          I love Il Trullo and reported on it in the JoCo thread, but it's obviously not in Missouri. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/39774... We've liked it the best out of all the Italian places we've tried, Lidia's included.

                    2. Try Vivace in the River Quay area, or Seven at 613 Walnut.

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                        We really enjoyed Vivace as well- loved my ravioli, and the marinated olives with the charcuterie platter were great!

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                          I'll give another nod for Seven. I dined there recently with the girls for a birthday extravaganza. It has a very metropolitan dining room -- dark surfaces with multi-colored lit panels of lightweight fabric on the sides. The food was very good, and I can highly recommend the linguine with seafood and spicy cream sauce. Abundant clams, perfect scallops; alas overcooked shrimp. We also enjoyed the martini list presented as the seven deadly sins, although the Saint Vincent ended up being my favorite -- cilantro infused vodka with lime and mint.

                        2. Jasper's, just east of the intersection of 103rd & State Line. Good-size portions, wide menu and excellent desserts.