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Aug 23, 2007 06:46 PM

Muscatine, Iowa

Boyfriend is going to Muscatine, Iowa for work. What's there to eat in/around there? We are from the East Coast and no nothing about Iowa at all. He eats basically all kinds of food (except Indian). Would prefer healthier stuff and is strongly carnivorous but is not glued to that and would certainly prefer stuff he couldnt get bakc home (if thats possible).

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  1. My stepdaughter has many a swim meet in Muscatine during swim season - which always makes us happy becuase that means we get to eat some of the Mexican food that abounds. Muscatine has a very large Hispanic population, so there are several authentic little tiendas and taquerias - our favorite is El Olmedo. Love the tortas there, and the tacos are quite good as well.

    Muscatine is also only a stone's throw (about 45 minutes) from Iowa City (which is where we live) so if he has time to travel and access to a car, you might check out this thread

    or any of the other Iowa City threads.

    Hope this helps -


    1. There's an excellent bakery (I mean EXCELLENT) and coffee shop in downtown Muscatine called Green's Tea and Coffee. There's also a bar and grill type restaurant in the old button factory called . . . wait for it . . . The Button Factory. I don't remember it as being outstanding, but a pretty fine place to get a big ol' hunk of Iowa pig.