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Aug 23, 2007 06:34 PM

Fall-Winter CSAs? Is there such a thing?

I have become more than obsessed with my local farmer's market, and am dreading the onset of fall and winter when the amazing bounty of local food will disappear. I know this may seem hopeful and naive, but is there any such thing as a fall/winter CSA or farmshare program? If not, what do chowhounds do in the off-season for local foods? I'm addicted now, and I don't want to go back!!! Any and all help is appreciated :)

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  1. My produce CSA runs through December, and my meat CSA is making plans to go through the winter. It is pretty impossible to eat produce locally once winter sets in- anything you could get would have to be greenhouse grown. My advice would be to put up what you can now, in your freezer or pantry. In the fall, stock up on root veggies and make sure you store them correctly.

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        Sorry, wasn't trying to be secretive!

        My produce coop is Farm Direct Coop which delivers to Salem, Marblehead and Melrose but it's full for this year.

        My meat coop is Houde Family Farm He delivers once a month to Melrose and is definitely accepting new members. He doesn't have info on the CSA on the website yet, but here's a thread:

    1. Some CSAs run through December, but you need to sign up in the spring usually. I try to hit local farms after the farmers' markets close for the season. Verrill Farm digs stuff out of the ground till December, but after that you're left with the root cellar. Few farm stands stay open from January till March and those that do are only able to sell you what they have in their own root cellar. I'd suggest looking into canning some of that fresh summer produce or buying the locally canned goods after December. Or you could go on an all-meat diet for 4 months.

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        Haha I think I'll pass on the all meat diet (as I am a vegetarian, that probably would not be for the best!) but I do appreciate your advice on this issue! I'm a fan of all vegetables, root included, so I will just make do with that once the winter comes and my frozen summer veggies run out. I'm not sure of how to can, but I am looking into that as a project for the next two weeks. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the summer's bounty while you can!

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          You'll find lots of help on the topic of canning on the Home Cooking board. I think I also remember a thread on the General Chowhoundting Topics board about how to best stor root vegetables but can't find it right now.

      2. Belmont Farm CSA has fall and winter shares. The winter is done with a few other farms; there's more information here:

        (I'm not part of the CSA, but I've gotten produce from them at the farmer's market.)

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          That's great to know! Thanks for posting the link.

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            I got a really nice email from the folks at Belmont Farm, and the CSA sounds wonderful. Thanks for the help!

        2. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call the other day from Brookfield Farm to see if I wanted to join up for the end-of-season CSA share, going late summer through the fall. I had gotten on their waitlist earlier in the summer and had then forgotten about it. We got our first box last week, and it's wonderful. I'm really looking forward to having fresh produce after the farmers market's close for the season.

          If there's a farm you're interested in, contact them now to see if they've got end of season shares available -- it's worth a try, and I guess it's more common than I had originally suspected.