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Aug 23, 2007 05:49 PM

Vegas - best coffee drinks on the Strip?

Looking for a non-chain coffee place on the Strip that serves great coffee drinks. I want to know where I can stop to pick up my iced mocha during the day while we're out doing whatever. I'm staying in the MGM, but anywhere on the Strip is OK.

Regular drip coffee gives me a tummyache, but I do enjoy that coffee flavor. So they have to use real espresso and syrups (rather than powders the way Coffee Bean and Gloria Jean's does) so I can halve the amount of chocolate or sugar syrup they use.
(yeah, I'm that decaf percent two-pump mocha person)

Also if they have good plain ol' drip coffee, my trip-mates would appreciate it.

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  1. It can even be a counter inside one of the casinos.

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    1. re: CookieEater

      This is a good question. We just got back from a stay at the Wynn and for how nice most everything is there & the great food all around, the lattes were terrible. Would be nice to know where you can get great coffee/espresso drinks in Vegas.

      1. re: ccl1111

        ok ok, I'll settle for a chain if it's as good as Peet's. But I know there aren't any Peet's in Nevada.

        1. re: CookieEater

          While it will be a hike from Vegas, Peet's does exist in Nevada. There is a shop in the Reno/Tahoe airport--I had the pleasure of drinking it a week ago.

          1. re: amorgs

            it didn't show up on the Peet's website so they have some updating to do.
            Either way, still looking for recs on the Strip! I don't want to have the unpleasant experience of spending $4 on a bad latte. Rather spend on other things!

          2. re: CookieEater

            Nobhill at MGM has Peets "Major Dickason's Blend"

      2. i had a mocha latte at jean-phillipe @ belaggio and it was great. granted it was accompanying chocolate crepes so it was a choco overload. but they do have good coffee.

        1. The coffee at Le Notre at the Paris is excellent!

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            maybe the regular coffee is, but I did not enjoy my iced drink at Le Notre. I seem to remember them using a hot chocolate powder, which does not dissolve in a cold drink. I will try Jean-Philippe

          2. There's a place in the Miracle Mile (formerly Desert Passage) stores next to Planet Hollywood that brews Illy coffee. I'm pretty sure it's the Teuscher chocolate shop. It's just outside the casino floor and there's never been a line any time I was there (unlike the Starbucks just inside the casino which is always mobbed)

            1. Okay, just got back. I did have a good iced mocha at Jean-Philippe Patisserie, but that place is a zoo. I had one Starbucks (the line wasn't bad at all, but it could be because it's off-season). And I had one iced coffee at McDonalds which was a little too sweet, but it was serviceable and really huge (Large was size of a large soda).
              Didn't make it to Paris. I wanted to try the bakery place in the Venetian but I was too full for an iced mocha at the time. Well, maybe next time.

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              1. re: CookieEater

                I am totally addictied to the iced carmel macchiatto from Starbucks! The McDonalds one is really bad compared to Starbucks!

                1. re: swf36d

                  we really love finding local places that really go beyond and have stellar coffee. used to do starbucks all the time but now that we bring lux (in phx) beans home, the coffee addicted wife can't bring herself to drink starbucks because she'd rather wait until she gets home. have several places we like/love in phoenix.

                  i just can't believe vegas is that lacking in great independent coffee shops. no great self roasters anywhere? no latte art? i would think something like this would go over wonderfully in some of the high end hotels???