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Aug 23, 2007 05:16 PM

Good Sushi - Boundaries: Spadina to Dufferin, Bloor to King

I know the sushi threads have been done to death, but I'm searching for a good middle-of-the-week sushi place (preferably one that does takeout) within a specific downtown area - west of Spadina, east of Dufferin, south of Bloor, north of King.

- the sashimi and nigiri is fresh
- the maki menu does not include cooked items (or at least they are not dominant)
- AYCE is NOT offered

Cooked items are irrelevant for this request - I just want good sushi!

And please... no recs for Japango.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I recommend
    Haru on College, across from the Royal Theatre: Good nigiri. Very good sashimi ( I love their Toro; they dont carry it daily though).
    Sushi Bon (College/Manning) also offers good rolls. warning: they can be quite slow with take-out, and check if they've got your orders right.
    Sushi on Bloor is an obvious choice; but they are often so crowded and the service is lacking these days.
    Mezz Sushi (Bloor/Dufferin ) is my new favorite.Their sushimi appetizer at $8 is delicious and generous.

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    1. re: happycamper

      I second Sushi Bon. Nice peolpe, tasty and well-presented food. Delivery can take a while, but I can't recall them ever making a mistake with our orders!

      1. re: Delish

        Thanks for the recs!

        Is Sushi Bon only good for rolls or is their nigiri and sashimi good as well?

        Do you know what the address for Mezz Sushi is?

        1. re: n10sity

          I have had some fine sashimi at Sushi Bon.

      2. re: happycamper

        Thanks for recommending Haru, happycamper.

        My friend and I tried it out tonight, and were very happy with our order. The fish to rice ratio is great in their maki, and we received gratis miso soup, edamame, gyoza, chapchae and orange segments, in addition to the sunomono and maki we ordered. The service was friendly and not rushed.

        I'm sure I'll be back.

      3. Toshi sushi on King east of Bathurst. As a bonus you can spot Susur Lee at the sushi bar all time..

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          1. re: n10sity

            They do takeout as well as great lunch specials...

          2. re: tasoid

            I second Toshi. Some of their maki runs into North American style with drizzles of teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo, but their sashimi is outstanding.

            1. re: Olivia

              does toshi have special/daily fish?

              i went there for a dinner once and failed to ask, but it seemed that the sushi bar only had the usual stuff (sake, maguro, fake crab, etc) and nothing... extra interesting.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                Toshi has a bunch of off menu items I was unaware of, many I'm sure I still am, I once went with a Japanese friend, the guy who first introduced me to the place, he was ordering in Japanese (so sorry I don't know the secret dishes) but he said our meal was largely off menu items. One memorable thing was the fois gra sushi, a slice on rice torched gently on top and ladled with a sweet-ish sauce, very interesting...I think if you sit at the bart and ask the chef for his whims or fav's you'll get into some off the beaten path can get pricey though...

          3. I ended up going to Rikishi on Bloor and Shaw and was pleasantly suprised. Inexpensive, fresh sashimi and nigiri - though their salad was soggy (due to too much dressing). I had the sashimi which came with REAL japanese rice! Service is slow - takeout took half an hour, but luckily there was an African street festival on at the same time so I wandered about while waiting. I'll call ahead next time.

            1. A new one on King W at Strachan, Sushi 930, check out this thread for details:

              ...and I too like Toshi...