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Aug 23, 2007 05:00 PM

BBQ in B'ham on a Sunday nite

Will be in town for a weekend, with plans for Highlands on Saturday night. I want Q, but don't know where to go as it's been decades. I used to frequent Golden Rule in Irondale
and fondly remember their fresh cut fries. But I noticed they have gone mondo franchiso.
Still good? Just from the looks of things I'm leaning towards Demetri's, but I am open to suggestions.

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  1. Certain locations of Golden Rule are good--I think the Hoover location is the best. However, I am not sure if it is open on Sundays (I would call first). Demetri's is good but is not open on Sundays.

    Jim 'N Nick's has several locations across town and is open on Sundays.

    1. Full Moon BBQ gets my vote, and they recently started opening on Sundays! I prefer the pork sliced not chopped with extra spicy chowchow. They have good smoked turkey sandwiches as well. If you're dining in get the french fries (they're no good taken to go - soggy) and the baked beans. I always end up buying a pint of the beans, because they are so rich and delicious.

      1. Thanks for the info. Blue Moon looks good, but I'm wondering as to which Hoover location for GR. Old Montgomery Hwy, or the Galleria location of the apparently more upscales Michael's?

        And while on the subject of Sunday, any 'houndworthy spots for Sunday evening? If so, we can Q for brunch before heading to a sports bar.

        And speaking of sports bars, recs?

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          I was referring to the Old Montgomery Highway location of Golden Rule.

          Sadly, most of the houndworthy places are closed on Sundays. Fire in Crestline Village is open, and I like it a lot. The web site is The grilled simple fish (usually grouper) and the salmon are good entrees, and the tomato carpaccio is a good appetizer.

          If you like Thai food, Surin is open on Sundays (I think all locations except downtown, which is closed). I would stick with the Southside or Mountain Brook locations. The web sites are and, respectively.

          Unfortunately, I can't provide any recs for a sports bar.

        2. Check out listings at I'm afraid I don't know which ones are open Sunday or not; you'll have to pick some that look good and give them a call or check out their web site. Unfortunately, this town seems to roll up on Sundays except for the big chains. One BBQ place I know is open that we like is Jim 'N Nick's in Riverchase. It's grown into a chain, but this location at least is good. If you're looking for ribs, Dreamland's Bham location is open Sundays, too, according to their web site. A lot of folks swear by Miss Myra's in Cahaba Heights, but I don't know if they're open on Sundays.

          For a sports bar, if you like a classic old-style sports bar, try On Tap Sports Cafe. The rest of the food is average, but the wings are awesome and they have a great beer selection.