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Aug 23, 2007 04:47 PM

Romantic Resto in Edmonton?

Its my GF's birthday on Tuesday, we'll be driving in to Edmonton to go to the Justin Timberlake concert (she's a big fan). I was wondering if anyone has any recomendations for a nice romantic meal before the concert (7:30) near Rexall place. I know the area around there is not the greatest, so maybe somewhere downtown?

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  1. There's the restaurant at the top of the Crowne Plaza hotel, La Ronde.

    Haven't eaten there but the atmosphere, with the revolving restaurant and view of the city, is probably "romantic".

    Sorrentino's downtown might qualify. Gabbana is also a nice spot, on Jasper at about 112th St.

    1. Depends on price range...a little further away you could check out red ox inn (across the river), or right down town is the small/cozy french bistro la table de renoir, it will be difficult to get romantic atmosphere at 5:30pm on a tuesday :(
      there is always the hardware grill too, right downtown, or il portico is a great italian place with a bit more reasonable options. have fun.

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      1. re: cleopatra999

        Thanks for all the suggestions. I just took a look at Il portico's website, it looks quite nice, gabanna sounds interesting as well. Do you know if they have a sight? Being early on a Tuesday, do you think reservations would be needed at either of these places?

        1. re: djdragan

          on an early tuesday eve you would be fine with out a reso at il portico, don't know about gabana never been there. most places are ok without during the week thouhg

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Gabana isnt that romantic -the food is decent, but i wouldnt recommend it for a special occasion.

            If you're looking for something closer to Rexall, downtown is the best ticket. But it depends on the price you want to pay. Reso's typically won't be necessary, but i'd recommend them, letting them know in advance that 1. it's a special occasion, and 2: you have to leave by a certain time (depending on if you care about the opening act or not). This will help ensure you get out of there when you need to.

            For romance, if price doesnt matter, Hardware Grill or Red Ox inn are both in that area. Both are under 10 minutes. Even closer, but i havent been to for about 20 years, is La Boheme. It *used to be romantic*, but i really havent been in ages. At your own risk there.

            La Ronde has a great view, but the service has usually been slow. Unheardof is a bit further out, but still a reasonable 15 minutes. I've had some bad experiences at Il Portico (especially from a service standpoint), so i'd approach it with caution.

            For something a little different, consider Sofra - great food, but not that romantic. On a budget, consider tapas at the 4 rooms, or Bistro Praha for fairly decent czech food - it's total "Euro bistro" feel though - and not in a French Riviera kind of way. Anyway, good luck!

          2. re: djdragan

            Il Portico is great - upscale and impeccable service. Try the Prawns in Sambuca Sauce Linguini and for sure the tiramisu :)