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Aug 23, 2007 04:46 PM

U of Phoenix stadium?

Since I've been advised by in-the-know 'hounds to save Pizzeria Bianco for another time, I think we'll just head to the stadium and settle in for the game on Saturday evening. Is there any above-average food to be had there?


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  1. the catering is great if you're in one of the hosted areas, but the concourse food is pretty much the same as most other large event venues. eat before you go or cook out would be my call.

    1. I haven't been to the stadium, but there are several new places at Westgate, right nearby. I love Sweet O Wine & Chocolate Lounge. Had a good salad and panini, and wonderful desserts, naturally. Lots of wine flight choices at reasonable prices, too. The link for the address won't work on here for some reason, but it's right near the theater.

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        Trying to add the place. It sure seemed like it was going to work, but, no.

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          The link worked! Chocolate fondue sounds like the perfect pre- or post-game treat (this IS my birthday celebration, after all!) Thanks!

      2. Due to my semi-disability (recovering from knee surgery), we were able to turn in our tickets and get seats in a handicapped section...on the Club Level! We didn't ask for that...that's where they took us. The food offerings were WAY better there. Prime rib sandwiches, prime rib nachos, asian food, pizza and panzanella...and portable chocolate fondue! I had the nachos which had a decent amout of cubed prime rib on them, fresh avocado and salsa, black olives and jalapenos. Unfortunately, they still had the gloppy cheese sauce, but they weren't soaked in the stuff. My son had sausage pizza which was OK (better than standard stadium pizza)...and the best churro ever...freshly cooked.

        We had stopped at Sweet O first for appetizers and dessert, so I was stuffed after the nachos and couldn't try the fondue. Maybe next time...if I ever am able to sit in the club section again! Sweet O was fun and we just beat the crowd. We had pesto dip and their artichoke-sundried-tomato dip as well as dessert. Let's see...I had the petit four platter of 8 little deserts -- tiny tarts and cakes. All were very good. My husband loved his creme brulee and my son practically licked his plate clean from the lava cake. The bite of lava cake I had was OK, but the inside was only slightly needs to be *molten* for me to find it outstanding. But we enjoyed our time there...thanks for the tip!

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          We have Club seats and took our daughter to her first game on Saturday. We usually tailgate, but seeing as she only has X hours of energy in her we decided to just show up a bit early and have dinner at the stadium.

          We had the prime rib nachos, sausage pizza, chicken strips, and she had a churro.
          The only things that have never looked good to me are the carmel apples. The carmel apples at USAir Center are incredible. These are pitiful looking.

          Glad you had a good time wyf4lyf. :)