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Aug 23, 2007 04:44 PM

Cooking classes in Chicago

My husband loves cooking - so for his birthday I want to sign him up for a couple of days of cooking classes. All recommendations or disrecommendations are appreciated.

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  1. There was a thread on this not too long ago. They definitely offer cooking classed at:

    The Chopping Block
    Sur La Table
    Macy's on State St. (although they might have discontinued these)

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    1. re: SuzMiCo

      Just discovered the thread. Thanks!

      1. re: moreMirchi

        FYI, I (another husband who likes to cook) took a couple classes at Chopping Block and enjoyed them. My favorite was one of the all-day hands on class on a weekend, but not knowing his preference, you could also buy a gift card and let him choose the format he prefers.

        1. re: wak

          I was just on the Fox and Obel website yesterday ( and I noticed that they offer classes as well. I have never taken one, but they looked good! Just another suggestion... What a great gift!

          1. re: DKS1

            Haven't checked out Fox and Obel yet. The three I'm looking at are Flavor cooking school, Chopping block and Wooden spoon.

          2. re: wak

            In the past we have talked about it and he is interested in Kinfe skills and carving/cooking meats.

      2. I've heard so many good things about the Chopping Block! I actually want to try it out myself!

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        1. re: Chew on That

          I'm toying with the idea myself :) maybe a week's excuse for a vacation

        2. I have taken classes at both the Chopping Block and Fox and Obel. I prefer the Chopping Block, hands down. Fox and Obel was informative- but it is performed classroom style; Chopping Block is hands on for everyone

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          1. re: blondie60614

            i was wanting to take cooking classes with three other people in chicago, but i dont know where to go. There are two of us that are still in high school and the others two are our moms. so i want something that we can all do...will The Chopping Block work for this? I would like to go in July sometime.

            1. re: kristie06

              Yes the Chopping Block would work for you. Look up their class schedules and make reservations. It was a blast and then some when I went.

          2. The Tribune and Sun Times both just published their annual cooking school guides - they range from professional schools (Kendall, etal.) to personal chefs who offer private, in-home classes. (Full disclosure: My company, FIG Catering, is listed.)

            Here is the link to the Sun Times list:


            You have to subscribe to the Tribune's site to get their article.

            1. I have signed him up for a culinary bootcamp at the Flavor cooking school in Forest Park, IL since we live in OakBrook terrace and the convenient class times. I'll update this post with feedback.