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Cooking classes in Chicago

My husband loves cooking - so for his birthday I want to sign him up for a couple of days of cooking classes. All recommendations or disrecommendations are appreciated.

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  1. There was a thread on this not too long ago. They definitely offer cooking classed at:

    The Chopping Block
    Sur La Table
    Macy's on State St. (although they might have discontinued these)

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      Just discovered the thread. Thanks!

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        FYI, I (another husband who likes to cook) took a couple classes at Chopping Block and enjoyed them. My favorite was one of the all-day hands on class on a weekend, but not knowing his preference, you could also buy a gift card and let him choose the format he prefers.

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          I was just on the Fox and Obel website yesterday (www.foxandobel.com) and I noticed that they offer classes as well. I have never taken one, but they looked good! Just another suggestion... What a great gift!

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            Haven't checked out Fox and Obel yet. The three I'm looking at are Flavor cooking school, Chopping block and Wooden spoon.

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            In the past we have talked about it and he is interested in Kinfe skills and carving/cooking meats.

      2. I've heard so many good things about the Chopping Block! I actually want to try it out myself!

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          I'm toying with the idea myself :) maybe a week's excuse for a vacation

        2. I have taken classes at both the Chopping Block and Fox and Obel. I prefer the Chopping Block, hands down. Fox and Obel was informative- but it is performed classroom style; Chopping Block is hands on for everyone

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            i was wanting to take cooking classes with three other people in chicago, but i dont know where to go. There are two of us that are still in high school and the others two are our moms. so i want something that we can all do...will The Chopping Block work for this? I would like to go in July sometime.

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              Yes the Chopping Block would work for you. Look up their class schedules and make reservations. It was a blast and then some when I went.

          2. The Tribune and Sun Times both just published their annual cooking school guides - they range from professional schools (Kendall, etal.) to personal chefs who offer private, in-home classes. (Full disclosure: My company, FIG Catering, is listed.)

            Here is the link to the Sun Times list:


            You have to subscribe to the Tribune's site to get their article.

            1. I have signed him up for a culinary bootcamp at the Flavor cooking school in Forest Park, IL since we live in OakBrook terrace and the convenient class times. I'll update this post with feedback.

              1. Just wanted to close this thread with a review of the cooking classes my husband enjoyed. I signed him up for a 2-day cooking bootcamp at the Flavor cooking school in Forest Park. He loved the classes and found the instructor (Denise) very knowledgable. He was given a recipes on cds, notes from recipes from bootcamp and a scraper :) I would highly recommend this school.

                We are planning on taking a few more classes there especially 'Knife basics' (for me) and 'Sauces'.

                1. The best cooking classes around are through the Chopping Block, either location -- they have extensive training of their teaching chefs so that they are not just good chefs but also good teachers. I would recommend the Hands-On Classes although the demo classes are wonderful as well. They are running a special right now (through the end of April) where if you buy a $350 gift certificate they add on an additional $50 to the value and throw in a wonderful 7" french skillet -- you could give him the gift card which can be used for classes or merchandise.