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Moffett's Chicken Pies in Bellflower - gone?

I understand that Moffett's Chicken Pies in Lakewood / Bellflower has closed. Any idea whatb happened? Or if the Arcadia location is still in the status of ongoing concern? Thanx!

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  1. Well, I just talked to Arcadia, they said Bellflower is going out of business. I called and their number is disconnected...............................Arcadia said they are not going anywhere!

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      Thanx, Burger Boy! Good info to know. Looks like I'll have to drive to Arcadia from LB to get my mother's "fix" of chicken pies. That being said, can anyone recommend a good (frozen?) chicken pie that one could find at a Ralph's or Trader Joe's?

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        I like Marie Callendar's frozen chicken pot pies. When you go to Arcadia, be sure to get some potato salad and boysenberry pie.

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          Did Moffett's used to be in Long Beach as well? There was a wonderful chicken pie place in Long Beach that I used to love to buy a big supply of frozen chicken pies for my home freezer. In the meantime and living in the SFV I bought a Marie Callendar's small chicken pie the other night and although I don't think I will drink my finest wine with it, it was darn edible if not downright tasty. Watch for them at Ralph's because they frequently go on sale there.

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            I guess one should read the entire thread before asking questions which are answered below. I'm at least glad to know I was on the right track. Those chicken pies were fabulous and inexpensive (I would say down right cheap but I find that drisive). I was a young lawyer and back in 1970 and 1971 you could feed yourself on a young lawyer's salary.

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            Why Ralph's or Trader Joe's? Moffett's in Arcadia has frozen chicken and beef pies.

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              Actually no, the have uncooked pies, you get to freeze them, i was put off at first, now I just pop them in the oven.

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                About that potato salad. Is is sweet or more to the bland?

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                  Not sweet and just right, I ate a whole container as a meal, it was carb heaven!

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            does the arcadia restaurant sell the chicken barley soup...that was my comfort food...i'd drive out there to buy quarts to freeze if it's sold there...

          4. Not too much of a surprise, the location is not the same as it use to be. My family's take-out closed last year, was just across the street and we were friends with Henry. Too bad, big losses for Bellflower.

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              This place was the Bubba Gump of chicken. They had great fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, chicken pot pie, chicken soup, chicken salad, chicken caesar, chicken strips, hot chicken wings, chicken and giblets, chicken and noodles, chicken salad sandwich, chicken and dumplings, chicken and waffles and .... You get the picture. The Arcadia location does offer those great Chicken pot pies, chicken and noodles, sometimes a very good chicken gumbo soup and sometimes a Friday special “Roast Chciken,” but the chicken choices do not go much further there.Therefore this closing represents a MAJOR LOSS for the whole LA area. To compound the loss, the people who worked there, and the owner, are real down-to earth people. Going there for a meal was like going home. Oh, I just remembered those giant snickerdoodle and peanut butter cookies that were always on the counter as you left. On No. Oh S... I hope there is a re-opening someplace, and soon!

              Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies (Closed)
              16506 Lakewood Blvd
              Bellflower, CA 90706-5193
              (562) 925-5061

              Moffett’s Family Restaurant, Chicken Pie Shoppe (Two great Soups everyday, Chicken Pot Pie either mixed white/dark meat or White Meat only, Beef Pot Pie, & fruit Pies, Must try the pumpkin, Eat there or takeout (Also, uncooked beef or chicken pies). Order custom Chicken pot pie casserole to go in your own casserole dish)
              1409 S. Baldwin Ave.
              Arcadia, CA
              (626) 447-4670
              Monday-Saturday: 11:00am to 9:00pm
              Two blocks South of Huntington Drive next to Sav-On Drugs
              Menu – http://www.sangabrielvalleymenus.com/...

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                Mrs. O is going to be in semi-permanent mourning for the fries with Green Goddess on the side. She became addicted at first bite. I am glad that we got to go there a few times, and introduce a friend or two to the place, but except for the takeout business the place was almost empty every time we went. So I guess any surprise I feel at this turn of events would be based on wishful thinking.

            2. Ok this may sound a little weird but I am a great grandchild of Henry Moffett Sr. and I just found out about 2 weeks ago that the restaurant closed. I live in Iowa and do not keep in contact with Carol Moffett Rogers. So if anyone has any info on why the restaurant closed...please inform me!!! Thanks for the help.

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                Hi samantha,

                I don't have any inside info. Many things could come into play. Development is a major problem. Good old places making way for yet another fast food or strip mall. Retirement, change in demographics... Also, IMO... There is more to running a food establishment than just providing good food. You have got to know who your steady customers are and what they expect from you.

                I think there were too many items added onto the menu for a chicken pot pie shop. The places in Arcadia and Fresno do good with a restricted menu which is designed to the liking of a mature clientele (soup, pot pies, cottage cheese...). Those places survive very well on word-of-mouth advertising within the Senior community. When fried chicken, chicken fried steak, Hot wings and other items for a younger client base begin to fill the menu, then younger kids (and their children) begin to come in now-and-then. That changes the ambiance and the older group slowly disappear along with the dependable steady income they provided to the cash flow. Then comes the snowball of price adjustments... I hoped that there would be a re-opening but I heard that there was a auction.

                Next time you come to L.A., try Moffett’s Chicken Pie Shoppe in Arcadia. Although there are no great snickerdoodle cookies like we could get at Henry's, the menu of two soups everyday, Chicken Pot pie, pumpkin pie (I just had the most wonderful peach pie there last week -- like eating cobbler) is still more than enough reason to be a steady customer. My wife had what she feels is the best BLT with a side of cottage cheese. We sat at the counter and had a very nice conversation with two other couples, about our same age, who were seated next to us. The place is nicely decorated, and well maintained, in a cottage style. What makes this place so special is not only the home style comfort, and confort food they serve, but also the security of knowing that the place will never change.

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                  Hi, we are sort of related. My grandfather was Albert Moffet, Henry Moffet Sr's brother. I never knew any of Henry or Rabbit's family, but I certainly have heard many stories over the years. I just stumbled across this site, but it's been fun to read. My Uncle Raymond ran the pie shop in Arcadia for years until he retired. I'm in Oregon, and my mom, Madeleine, lives in Idaho.

                2. Sad, sad news.

                  My grandmother lives on one of the dead end streets that backs up to Moffett's parking lot. We used to go there all the time. I love Moffett's pies and I'm just glad that the Arcadia location is still going strong (even though I think there were technically not affiliated, right?)

                  Those frozen pot pies were a godsend back when I was in college.

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                    Right..they weren't technically affiliated. The one in Arcadia was opened by Henry's brother, Al. The last time I was in California was in 2003..we didn't go to the restaurant because of family issues but we did get food to go and it was heaven! I miss it so much and knowing that the next time I go back and it won't be there is very sad. It was part of my childhood. I remember sitting behind the counter folding the pie boxes when I was just 4 or 5 years old.

                    Thank you all very much for the information. I appreciate it!

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                      52 years ago while still attending Long Beach Wilson High School, I worked for a short time as a buss boy at the Chicken Pie Shop located on Pine Avenue in Long Beach. Brothers Al and Henry Moffett ran the business and many other family members worked there as well. At some point after I had departed, Henry, along with his son(s)?, left to start Henry Moffett's Old Fashioned Chicken Pies in Bellflower. Nothing was lost after the move. The friendly atmosphere, the reasonable prices, the quality of the food remained the same. I was really sorry to see that they have closed their doors for good. Aftering eating those chicken pies for over a half century, I'm sensing a void in my life.

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                        My grandpa and grandpa were Al and Pauline Moffet. They owned and ran the pie shop on Pine Avenue. It was a family affair, and my uncles worked there and many family friends. Albert retired early and they later moved to Oregon . They lived there for over 20 years and then another 15 in Idaho with their daughter Madeleine. Ray Moffet, my Uncle ran the restaurant in Arcadia and sold it to his brother in law Ralph when he retired. The first pie shop on Pine Avenue has always been a place of legend in my family. I was too young to know it as I moved out of Long beach in 1973 when I was just a baby. It was a special place and so were the Moffets. Albert, Henry and Rabbit (the Moffet brothers) came out of a different era, growing up in the depression in Missouri and moved to California at a young age when their mother died, to make their own way in the world. This has been interesting for me to read.

                    2. I passed by that place many many times but never knew how it was. If I had checked this site on that place sooner I probably would have tried it.

                      1. I had several wonderful homey meals at the Bellflower restaurant and am sorry that they won't be repeated.

                        My first meal there (had a great CFS) was particularly memorable - the waitress had a tired, dyed bouffant hairdo and looked like she'd known some hard times, but she was still cheerful. It was late in the evening (only one other booth was occupied) and there were two other waitresses working - one was another older woman and the other was a young woman. The ladies were eating their meals at a booth right behind where we were seated (they got up and down to check on us, deliver food, etc.). The two older women were regaling the younger waitress with stories of southern California serial killers, complete with all sorts of gory details. My DC was in law enforcement and was completely enthralled with the conversation. At some point he actually interjected a question and from that point forward we were included in the gritty details. I know that this sounds odd, but it was a wonderful conversation and a wonderful night.

                        Another dinner there, a different older waitress took care of us - she told my DC that he looked tired and needed to eat more greens and iron, and then chided him for not finishing his veggies. He actually looked abashed and finished them before ordering his dessert. I was laughing wonderfully hard.

                        When we were driving back to the office, my DC said it was like being fed by a loving aunt - good, home-cooked food served by someone who appeared to actually care about the person they were feeding. (He also said that the waitress reminded him of a real-life aunt who would have "tanned his hide" if he hadn't eaten his vegetables.)

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                          I drove by Moffett's a couple of days ago to discover it's demise. It looked like a huge grave. It's like losing an old friend. Moffet's has been one of my favorite places to get great home cooking. The people felt like family each time I visited them. I have seen the young staff grow up and move on to other careers. Moffett's kept yearbooks from Bellflower High and nearby cities in the waiting room. My son and I graduated from Paramount High and we both loved to browse through them. I moved to Simi Valley in 1990 but I still drove 120 miles round trip about 4 times a year to stock up on frozen pies and gravy. This was also a gathering place for our family when I was in town. What better way to relax and catch up on my relitives news than over a wonderful meal at Moffett's. It is sad that we are losing something that we enjoyed so much!

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                            Does La Palma have white meat pies?...hmm if so i think ill take the trip this weekend. Its unfortunate that i didnt find out about Moffets untill they closed i live on imperial hwy and i never even noticed the place =[

                              1. re: Oh Robin

                                Gotta love La Palma! I make the 35 mile trek when I need my chicken pie fix. Don't forget to get a container of the gravy. The pies freeze well but I usually add cream, chicken stock & some browned flour to the gravy when I reheat it. The cakes and pies are also good. If you eat there, you'll get a choice of dessert with your meal. Great value & dessert, too!

                                1. re: mamayama

                                  Lordy be, I was reading the entire thread & getting teary-eyed for a place I'd never been. If La Palma is better then I wasn't missing a thing. Please don't degrade a restaurant's legacy by implying that La Palma is better, ugh.

                                  La Palma Restaurant
                                  2700 E Gage Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

                                  1. re: Funwithfood

                                    La Palma sucks, I am sorry, I bought a dozen when i was in the ares, they are no better than Banquet frozen pies, actually Banquet might be better.

                                    La Palma Restaurant
                                    2700 E Gage Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

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                              Moffett's in Arcadia is closer, at least both to me and to Pat Fannin (assuming he's still in Simi Valley). While I don't think the sides and other non-pie dishes are up to the level of Henry Moffett's, the pies I think are every bit as good - not utterly identical, but recognizably from the same background. As for me, I just wish they did an all-DARK meat version; I'd pay extra for that!

                              1. re: Will Owen

                                I was born In Bellflower, and though I have lived in Atlanta for 28 years, every time I go back to visit my grandmother I always went there. I have not been in several years, and I was planning a trip in May. I was very saddened to hear of the closing. One ting I hope you can help me with. The candy shop had these hard black licorice buttons. I wondered if any of you could tell me if the Arcadia location has a candy Shop as well? I might be able to call them and have them shipped to me. I will have to make the trip to Arcadia in May so I can have a pot pie!

                                1. re: schmoopie3928

                                  No, Moffett's in Arcadia does not sell candy.

                                  As for those hard black licorice buttons, see my old post below. The response by helake_az confirms what I was told at Economy Candy in NY. Hershey holds the rights to them but stopped making them.
                                  "The Heidi Company, was purchased by Hershey. Hershey then decided that the licorice buttons were not popular enough to continue making."

                                  What I do now is buy regular black licorice buttons, freeze them and then eat them frozen. Good luck

                                  My old post on hard black licorice buttons

                                  Economy Candy, NYC, Licorice Candies

                                2. re: Will Owen

                                  I grew up in Long Beach when Moffetts was on Pine st. - was the place to go after church. When it closed, up to Bellflower we went (still after church). Later, as an adult I realized I didn't have to go to church to eat a chicken pie (apparently as a child I thought the meal was related to communion or holiness), so I frequented Moffetts as often as I could (still gave thanks for the meal though). Now that it is closed, I wonder if the recipe is alvailable? I've asked staff there numerous times, but they were very tight lipped. I don't want to start a resturant - just want to eat a Moffett chicken pie.

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                                    Moffett's pot pies are related to holiness. if it is a Moffett's chicken or beef pie that you want then drive to the Arcadia location and have it there or take-out. Same family recipe, only a different branch of the famly.

                                    Moffett’s Family Restaurant, Chicken Pie Shoppe (Two great Soups everyday, Chicken Pot Pie either mixed white/dark meat or White Meat only, Beef Pot Pie, & fruit Pies, Must try the pumpkin, Eat there or takeout (Also, uncooked beef or chicken pies). Order custom Chicken pot pie casserole to go in your own casserole dish)
                                    1409 S. Baldwin Ave.
                                    Arcadia, CA
                                    (626) 447-4670

                              2. I know Moffett's isn't known for their desserts like they are the chicken, but a little caveat for those who like bread pudding.... avoid it at Moffett's like the plague. One bite and you'll know what a nail salon tastes like.

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                                  I never tried it -- thanks. Do try the pumkin and peach pies because they are very good. Buy the whole pie because the prices are reasonable.

                                2. If you yearn for this kind of meat-and-gravy pie, stop at the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop the next time you're in SanD (2633 El Cajon Blvd.; 619-295-0156). It will remind you of your grandmother, especially if she charged you very little for a filling meal.

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                                    The very old La Palma Chicken Pie Shop in Anaheim also has excellent individual chicken pies. Take the 5 freeway to Euclid, go south on Euclid past La Palma and the restaurant is on the right (east side).

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                                      It's real nice to know that relatives of the Moffet family are around, but, Arcadia IS NOT anything like the Old Bellflower place, Bellfower also had something that ONLY that store had, Swiss Steak, it came with a red sauce that so far has never been duplicated. My question out to any living relatives is, why don't you get those recipes before the generation passes on ?? It's not like anyone that cares is going to run out and compete. Please. try and at least post the recipe for the red sauce for that excellent swiss steak and the Chicken Gravy so some of us that grew up there and now moved on since everything we knew is gone now, can enjoy it, thanks

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                                        If only I could get Arcadia to accept the $50.00 of gift certificates my mother gave me just before Bellflower disappeared.

                                        1. re: BobSaw

                                          Unfortunately, my understanding is that Henry and the Arcadia Moffets had nothing much to do with each other, so those items that were regulars on Henry's menu might well have been unknown in Arcadia. I've mentioned the Green Goddess dressing you could get with the fries, and the fried chicken as well. I don't know if Moffet's in Arcadia ever has fried chicken, but it's not on their daily menu - or wasn't last time I was there. That was about the best I've had since my Grandma Owen's.

                                  2. The "Chicken Pie Shop" in Long Beach referred to in this thread was actually Phillips Chicken Pies. The restaurant was on Pine Ave. They also had a take-out-only place around the corner on Pacific Ave. When they closed in the 70's, they relocated to Seal Beach, where they still are today. Phillip's still sells Chicken Pies, both hot to eat on the premises, and frozen to take home.
                                    The recipe seems to me exactly as it was in Long Beach. Sadly, they don't have the Chicken Liver or Giblet plates as before. I recently had lunch there, The Mashed Potatoes were instant but the Gravy and Pie were excellent. Phillips is located in a shopping center on Seal Beach Blvd. at Westminster Blvd. near Leisure World.


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                                      Wonderful news! Going to have to visit Phillips first hand and give a review.