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Aug 23, 2007 04:20 PM

Post trip reviews of Bar Harbor restaurants with kids

Since I got lots of recommendations from this board for our Bar Harbor trip I thought someone might like to hear how it went.

Macays Public House. Eh. I ordered the corned beef with cabbage and veggies, husband ordered the Bistro Steak special. The corned beef was tough but the cabbage and veggies were perfect. The steak was a little bland, but tender and pleasant. Both meats were served in a pool of thickened beef broth that tasted a bit canned, the low sodium variety.
We drank a local ale the name of which escapes me. Bar Harbor Brew? The beer was good. I probably wouldn't return. Good for kids, it's noisy.

Maggies. FABULOUS. Lovely. I had the lobster crepes and they were delicious. I believe they were in a brandy sauce but could be misremembering. I had the upsidedown plum ginger cake for dessert and it was also scruptious.
Kidswise, it was a disaster. Do not go with more than just your own well behaved kids. No groups.

Ascitou Inn in Northeast harbor. Our concierge sent us here because we wanted to go somewhere out of town with a view. Go on a warm evening and sit on the balcony. The view is spectacular. Inside was quite formal with traditional summer people in suits and pocket handkerchiefs. I had lobster ravioli that was served on the most delicious very chunky tomato sauce with slices of fresh mozerella. The ravioli had little peices of sweet pepper and other savory bits in with the chunks of lobster. My husband had the shrimp and scallop scampi and that was also very tasty. Desert was average. The brownie chunk cake was a bit dry. Expensive restaurant but may have been our best night.

Morning Glory bakery. My favorite find. Go for an easy breakfast or lunch. Fresh baked breads, bagels, pastries. They make yummy sandwiches. I like the green monster sandwich or a bagel with salmon cream cheese the best. The salmon spread has dill, capers and red onions. We had them make sandwiches for our hikes.

Cafe this Way. Great place for breakfast. Lovely food and surroundings. Everything on the table was beautifully prepared and creative. I had most perfect oatmeal with berries and soymilk and my husband had the breakfast sandwich where the bread is French Toast. It was also very good.

Harborside Inn-La Bella Vita. We stayed there. A terrific surprise for a hotel restaurant. The food there was as well prepared, if not better, than anywhere else we ate. I liked the portabello sandwich with sweet potato fries. Breakfast was terrific. My husband had a beautifully prepared and perfectly fluffy omlette.

AVOID Stewmans ice cream next door to Stewmans Lobster Pound on the harbor. I have never had such bad ice cream. We never tried the Lobster Pound.

Hope this helps the next person.

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  1. We also just got back from a week in Bar Harbor with kids! Here's what we found.

    Lunch at Lompoc Cafe - Yum. I had the turkey cobb club - simple but delicious. My DH had some kind of beef wrap that he refused to share. The chowpups had the regular fare (chicken fingers and a hot dog, if I remember correctly) and we were able to sit outside and play bocce while we waited for our food. Two big and two little thumbs up.

    Breakfast at Jeannie's - yes, I know it has the reputation of a tourist trap, but we had just come down from watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mt and this was the only restaurant we could find open. Didn't know about Jordan's. Darn. Anyway, the stuffed french toast made with oatmeal bread was divine. Pancakes were standard. The DH went for the "Cadillac" breakfast and regretted it. One big thumb up, one big thumb down, two little thumbs up.

    Multiple trips to Mt. Desert Ice Cream Co. - their hot chili chocolate ice cream is completely addictive. Is really good paired with ginger, as well as a flavor called "dude". Outstanding. Two big and two little thumbs way up.

    Lunt's on Frenchboro Island - Meh. I know there's a lobster strike going on, but that's no excuse for the measly lobster rolls we were served and charged almost $14 for. Two big and two little thumbs way down. I'll go back for another trip with Kim Strauss, though. The ride on his boat (Island Cruises out of Bass Harbor) was the highlight of my trip. The pups enjoyed seeing the seals and bald eagles but were pretty bored most of the time. Wish we had waited until they were older. Two big thumbs up and two little thumbs down.

    Snacks from Morning Glory bakery - yum. Nuf said. Two big and two little thumbs up.

    Lunch at Cottage Street Bakery and Deli - after an extended ride on the carriage roads we were starving but it was getting late in the afternoon. Stopped here for a sandwich. Somewhat surly service, but good chow. Reubens were yummy. Blueberry pancake was scoffed with a couple of crumbs leftover. Even the grilled cheese was devoured. Was it just because we were tired and hungry? I don't know, but the pups didn't say a word while they ate, which was heavenly. ;-) Two big thumbs and two little thumbs up.

    Lunch at Just Barb's in Stockton Springs - I know, not on MDI but we stopped there on the way home. Wicked awesome fried clams. The neon red hot dog amused my daughter to no end. Delicious scallop stew and fried scallops. Delicious pie. Two big and two little thumbs up. Worth a special trip.

    Thanks to everyone on this board who contributed opinions and suggestions! We went armed with pages and pages of information and made some really good choices. It was a lovely week (even if we did have to break camp and pack in the rain - yuck). Can't wait to go back!