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Aug 23, 2007 03:36 PM

Alhambra Restaurant on Randolph St.

My brother's 30th is today and he's hoping to have his birthday celebration at Alhambra. His best friend is Persian , loves it there, and happens to have the same birthday so theyre celebrating together. Have any chowhounders been there before?

I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions of what was good to order. Do you think it will make for a good birthday experience?

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  1. Happy B-day to your brother!

    Spouse and I have been there twice. Both in their first week or two of operation. They opened around the same time as Room 21. Bottom line: that place is HUGE.

    First visit: stopped for a drink after first dinner at Room 21. Drank oodles of their house martini's and smoked two bricks of hookah. Made a dinner reservation for the "Grand Opening". First impression: Chicago invites Epcot Corp. But, the service was outstanding (as well as drinks and the smoke).

    Second visit: What can I say, it was their Grand Opening. Every service staff member was as frazzled as you would expect them to be. There were well over 1,000 people there. Impressively, they did manage to seat us on the balcony overlooking the stage and dance floor. The menu wasn't "fully developed" so we ordered baba ghanoush and shish kabobs which were fine. There were belly dancers and a fabulous band.

    If a Thursday night could be even 20% as packed as the Grand Opening, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

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      Thanks for the input! Actually we're not going there until tomorrow night (Saturday) - sorry I forgot to specify! So in that case, it'll probably be quite packed...

      I didn't know they lent out hookahs there! I'm excited! Anyone else tried more of their food from the more developed menu?