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Aug 23, 2007 03:11 PM

Squash Blossoms

I have never seen this in person, but always see recipes with them. Are they not available in Kansas?

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  1. You might have luck asking a farmer at your local farmer's market to pick a few blossoms from his/her squash plants and bring them to the market to sell to you.

    I've never seen them in a grocery but I don't think you would as they are flower-like i.e. fairly delicate.

    Good luck!

    1. Agree with luckygirl on the farmers' market option. Ours has had squash blossoms bursting at the seams lately.

      Caveat - plan to use the blossoms the same day you buy them. They do not hold.

      1. Not sure where you are in KS -- looks like Wichita -- but we do have them here in Roeland Park, at a Price Chopper that specializes in Latin American products. You might try asking at a grocery store in the correct neighborhood.


        Now that I think about it, I've also seen them at Tienda Casa Paloma, a local restaurant that has a small grocery section.

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          Good idea, we have lots of Hispanic/Latin stores here. I'm calling today, thanks!