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Aug 23, 2007 02:54 PM

Mazur's Bakery in Lyndhurst, NJ

Is Mazur"s the best bakery in northern New Jersey?
If not, name one better.

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  1. We do not live near Lyndhurst, and only went to Mazur's once. Their B & W cookies were very boring, and their cupcakes were dry and should have been pulled from the shelf. Reputation seems to be totally undeserved. There is an Italian bakery on the same strip that we once got some good stuff from. Also, I love the stuff at Giancarelli's in Bloomfield.

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    1. re: albinoni

      I'm with you, but I don't thing Giancarelli's is any better. All of those big-rep Italian bakeries in Northern Jersey totally underdeliver. That said, Collandra's still makes a hell of a loaf of bread and their sesame cookies are worth the trip. But "meh" is the word.

      1. re: GilloD

        Gencarelli's is good. Decent selection and reasonable prices on most items. Ditto for Calandra's, although they're a little more expensive. Calandra's cookie selection is lousy, however. Cakes and breads are very good.

    2. The other bakery that albinoni is referring to is Lyndhurst Bake Shop, also on Ridge Road, about 2 blocks closer to Rt. 3 than Mazur's. LBS also has homemade Italian ice that's terrific!
      Personally, I like Mazur's for a traditional birthday cake (w/whipped cream, not buttercream for icing), but in general, I think the rest of what they sell is just average.