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Aug 23, 2007 02:40 PM

Down-to-earth in Santa Monica or Venice?

Going to be doing a drive up the coast, and one night is in Santa Monica. Looking for good, solid food at decent prices (under $20/entree) with a vibe that's down-to-earth, not glitzy or sceney. Reccomends?


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  1. One good place, given the description of the type of place you are looking for, would be Cora's Coffee Shoppe. It's right on Ocean Blvd. on the bluff top on the west side of the street just a bit north of Pico.


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      The only problem being that Cora's is only open for breakfast and lunch. But it's a great choice for either of those meals. For dinner, I'd recommend Musha. If you're not drinking, it's easy to get out of there for under $20 a person.

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        Nice catch on my overlooking that little problem. How about Acadie in Santa Monica for crepes?


    2. Fritto Misto at 6th and Colorado - Always reliable Italian food where you can get a nice meal for under $20/entree. Just a note - they don't take reservations, so on a Friday or Saturday night, it's worth getting there before about 7:15pm, otherwise there can be a wait.

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          and 2.50 corkage @fritto misto!

        2. If you are willing to do solid food at decent prices ethnic style, I love Warszawa in Santa Monica.

          Gaby's Mediterranean in Culver City/Venice

          26 Beach in Venice

          Beechwood just skates in at below your budget requirements.

          1. Chez Jay
            Rosti on Montana
            Father's Office
            Serenata di Girabaldi
            World Cafe
            Library Ale House
            Beechwood bar

            1. Try Coast Restaurant at Shutters. Really reasonably priced entrees. I think the highest priced dish is $25. There are burgers, salads, pizzas, soups, apps for $15 on average.

              I also like Fritto Misto, but I normally order in from there. The vibe is definitely more low key.

              In Venice, La Cabana for Mexican is fun. Somenights live music and really quick service, and you're a happy camper when you get the bill (great prices).

              Houstons is on 2nd, but that's a chain.

              Real Food Daily on Santa Monica and 5th for your daily overdose of tofu.