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Aug 23, 2007 02:37 PM

3's Company Cafe moving

They have a sign in their window that says they're moving to 673 Danforth, just west of Pape. Last day at the Lamb/Danforth location is August 26.

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  1. We had brunch at the new spot just today. 3 c's - crappy, crappy, crappy. Other than us, the place was empty and the waitress was in the weeds. The owner was oblivious to the front of the house. My husband's BLT arrived and I was asked what bread I would like because the whole wheat I selected wasn't available?? While this conversation is going on, I see my meal sitting at the counter. Needless to say eggs arrived stone cold. What a waste of $25. It was so bad it wasn't even worth complaining tell the truth I didn't feel the owner would have cared, nor understood. Never again, thanks.

    1. I used to be a semi-regular in their old spot. I never thought the place was *great* but it was a good meeting-place in my nabe. (I liked it better under the former owners.)

      But I drove by this past week and thought, WTF? They made it look like a wine bar! I haven't gone in but I am extremely unlikely to follow them to their new location, just based on the look of the place alone. :(

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      1. re: charmoula

        They have a completely useless dated website -

        I didn't realize the cafe had changed ownership. I'm in the general area of their old spot but only went I think once and just for a coffee. I guess this website was created by the previous owners and the new owners don't care or have created a new one, which I can't find.

        1. re: JamieK

          it's the same owners as at the former Lamb location.

          1. re: thenurse

            The original place at the Lamb location was called Levity Cafe. The current owners changed the name when they took over the business a number of years ago.

            1. re: thenurse

              Thanks Nurse, that's what I thought!

        2. Went for brunch on Sunday with 4 others. The new place is definitely bigger and less shabby, but some of the same issues at the old location persist:
          1. no maple syrup.. I asked one of the owners why not and she said 'how can I charge 8 bucks for pancakes with REAL maple syrup?' (in a really agressive tone). I said 'charge $10!'
          2. too hot inside - what is up with that? It was uncomfortable and sweaty.
          3. spotty service - have to ask for refills on water, meals served haphazardly
          4. leaving smelling like onions - along with the heat/AC issues, get a proper exhaust fan!
          However, the menu and prices haven't changed, as far as I can tell. At least you know what to expect...

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          1. re: thenurse

            Thank you for suggesting that they up the price and serve real maple syrup. I am in full agreement. As to the price, I don't know what else was on the plate, but pancakes really are one of the cheapest things to serve for breakfast.

          2. Do they still offer their prepared foods?

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            1. re: urbnmns

              What a concept, eh Nurse. LOL!!

              Yes they still cater. In fact they had a huge poster advertising their thanksigiving menu which I only glanced at. I did not realize they had changed owners, when did that happen?? Both times I've been, over a span of about 4 years, it was always the two women. Who owned it before them, as I was under the impression they were the originals?

              1. re: millygirl

                There were a different set of two women who owned it before the set that owned it when they were at Lamb. (I'm trying to say that the Lamb location passed through two sets of owners during the time that I went there.)

            2. I went for brunch a few weeks ago and it was actually packed, We waited about 20 minutes for a table.
              I like the new decor, while it might be just a little upscale for the menu, the old place needed sprucing up.
              On the good side, eggs benny on a scone still reasonably priced, fresh squeezed juice for less than $3, oatmeal scones still yummy.
              On the bad side, something off about their hollandaise this visit. I also tried to order the tortiere, only to be told they didn't have any. This is after waiting outside for 20 minutes looking at the posted menu, on their first or second weekend a the new location. Makes me wonder if it will ever be available as they had phantom items on their old menu.
              I like the place but I hope their rent isn't too high at the new location. I have been there twice now Tuesday evening just before 6pm and they were dead. Maybe it picks up later? The new dinner menu is pricier - probably fairly priced but not the lower end comfort food I hoped for.