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Aug 23, 2007 02:34 PM

souvenir fr Orlando?

I have a friend vacationing near there in November, what should she bring back for me?
Thanks from Toronto Canada!

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  1. Oranges! Depending on Canada's customs regulations of course.
    Or chocolate covered potato chips from Grimaldi's in Melbourne.
    Or various Disney food kitsch -- there's literally tons of it.

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      OMG, I've had those chocolate covered potato chips. Who would have thunk a combination would be so good? They don't skimp on the chocolate and the combination is divine.

      1. re: Covert Ops

        Chocolate covered potato chips? : ), that's just what a fat guy needs to, gotta try that.

        1. re: jword2001

          Oddly enough, they don't show up in a Google search, but I found them:
 And yes, they ship. :-D You're welcome.

        1. Unfortunately, you're about 2 months too early. If you were going to bring back citrus, then the best would be honeybell tangelos. Unfortunately, they're not in season until January. In November, you should find pretty good supply of navels, grapefruit and tangerines - assuming the hurricanes stay away this year. If you can't bring back the fresh stuff, you could always go for the jams and marmalades. There are some very good ones still made in Florida. Any of the kitchy "grove" souvenier shops should carry a good selection. There are also the jelly candies and - of course - orange blossom wines. Actually, there are a number of wineries in the area just west of Orlando (Cleremont) is the Lakeridge Winery - - yup, we actually grow grapes down here.

          There's also the miniature citrus trees that you can grow in your own home. Don't know if they actually survive, but you find them in the same shops. If citrus isn't your thing, would have to agree with gator jerky or something along those lines. There's also a place in Davenport (not far from Orlando) that advertises goat's milk fudge. Again, can't vouch for it and don't really no how "Floridian" that would be considered, but is somewhat unique in these parts.

          If you're friend ventures west of Orlando and you're so inclined, Tampa isn't called "Cigar City" for nothing.

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            I definitely agree with the Lakeridge rec. They make the wine from muscadine grapes and it has a very different flavor than traditional wines. I should warn you though, Southern wines tend to be a little sweet.

            There are a couple of places that sell Key Lime products and those are always very good.

            We always bring back a couple of cigars from Ybor (Tampa) for the aficionado in our family. The Columbia Restaurant in particular sells one that's been soaked in bourbon for 7 years.

            The goat's milk fudge is good, but I'm sure there are other places in the country that sell it as well.

          2. Thank you for all the recs so far. The chocolate covered potato chips sound amazing. My friend is going to Disneyworld if that helps any.

            1. I ended up getting Dr Seuss caps from Disney, neat but no food boo. However another friend of mine went to that area last month and brought back chocolate covered potato chips, was nice - different.