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Aug 23, 2007 02:32 PM

LI vs. Westchester vs. Fairfield

Differences? Overall thoughts about the state of each restaurant scene. Could any of them ever be as accredited and respected as NYC, at least Brooklyn? I think they all are pretty good and have more than enough going for them.

Sorry, also Northern NJ.


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  1. Interesting question, having lived in all three areas (I'm not very familiar w/ N. Jersey) I have to say that I think Fairfield county has the best restaurant scene. I'm very partial to SoNo restaurants, Barcelona and Habana are 2 faves when I'm bored with the usual Italian or Asian cuisines that are so ubiquitious.
    However, to date I have not found a favorite 'blow me away" "gastronomic experience" in any of these areas. For whatever reason, as has been debated endlessly on this site as of late, nothing seems to beat a top rated Manhattan restaurant in food quality and service IMHO.

    1. My favorite "blow me away" restaurant is in Orange County, so I'll say none of the above. :-D

      In the Northern NJ area, I'm very curious if La Tour is as good as the hype makes it out to be.