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Aug 23, 2007 02:12 PM

Wilmington dining

My wife and I are attending a wedding over labor day weekend and since the wedding is Sunday afternoon we have Saturday night to eat out. What are some good restaurants in town. We like all foods.

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  1. We do have a couple of good places,for casual dining Eclipse, Toscana, Pomodoro, Mikimoto's. More upscale Moro, 821 Market, Domaine Hudson. Deep Blue. Let me know which you try and how you like it. Good luck

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      There are also a few places a bit further out on Route 52 if you're up for the drive, such as Buckley's Inn (good, creative pub fare; casual; a rooftop deck for nice weather) & Pizza by Elizabeth's (gourmet pizza and salads, excellent desserts; a touch nicer than casual). My favorite upscale restaurant in the area is actually nearby in Kennett Square, PA -- Sovana Bistro ( ). There would likely be a decent wait on Saturday evening, but it might make a nice stop coupled with a visit to Longwood Gardens (Saturday is the last evening of Gardenfest and they're open into the evening).

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        We ate at Moro and had an excellent meal. Very attentive wait staff. The wine list so large we had the waiter recommend a wine, a 2003 Caro($60) a Lafite Rothschild venture from Argentina that was very good and got better as the night went progressed. The amuse bouche was a rock shrimp battered in polenta served on avocado. The shrimp was excellent with a sweet smokey flavor, the avocado could have used a little something even a little salt. We ordered the special first course of diver scallopspecial and ordered Oysters 12 ways. The scallops were served seared and were perfectly cooked and were served with a bed of dandelion greens with balsamic vinagrette topped with roasted hazelnuts, also served was proscuitto and yellow watermelon slices, which went great together but not sure how they paired with the scallops. Just like our dessert later a little too many things going on. They brought out the oysters in a long tray beautifully presented. They were actually presented in three ways; a cucumber vinagrette which brought out the saltiness in the oyster, was good, I thought the vinagrette could use a little extra oomph to it and the cucumbers seemed to have been soaking in it for a while. On the other side they were served roasted in a beet powder and butter sauce. Not being beet fans my wife and I were both apprehensive but it was delicious. The texture and saltiness of the oysters paired perfectly with the sweet/tartness of the sauce. Finally was fried oysters again served on a bed of rather plain avocado. These oysters were huge, my wife loved the slightly sweetened batter with orange honey, and though very good I would of loved to see some sort of sauce to accompany them and found myself dipping them in the leftover beet sauce. For dinner my wife ordered what seems to be one of their signature dishes (we checked out a Deleware Today my in-laws brought to us featuring it) Maple glazed salmon cooked on cedar plank with a Macademia vinagrette over whipped sweet potatoes and grilled pinapple. The dish didn't dissapoint, the fish was cooked perfectly and the flavors of everything perfect.
        I ordered the special which was a 16 oz Rib eye and crab served with grits and asparagus. I was dissappointed in the dish. I try never to order beef out because it's something I do well at home. The cut was huge and cooked perfectly, when I heard ribeye I figured it would be similar to my favorite, ribeye steak and although tender the consistency was more of a very lean strip steak. Crab was used sparingly as a decoration, the grits though were rich and the consistency was perfect. For $45 dollars (about $13 more than most entrees on the menu) it was the one disappointment of the meal, but probably through my own choosing. Dessert was the chef's recommended Peanut butter chip with oatmeal cookie, cinnamon gelato, and brandied cherries. Pretty good but the cookie was served with the cherries and the peanut butter chip (bread pudding like) was served with the gelato. That alone was enough for a dessert and the oatmeal crisp and cherries could have used more to stand alone. Service is impeccable although sometimes confusing as all the waitstaff and even the sommelier help serve, pour wine etc. All-in all a great meal.