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Aug 23, 2007 01:53 PM

Frozen French Fries - Are there any that are just made from potatoes? [Moved from Home Cooking]

I was looking at some in the supermarket today. Why do companies feel that they have to add so many things to the simplest products?

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  1. There is a new brand (white package, fresh-looking green, yellow, or orange lettering) that are pretty good. Have seen at Whole Foods as well as 'regular' grocery store - they are herbed, garlicked, etc but are marketed as 'gourmet' frozen potato wedges.

    Also - I was looking for something to quickly make for an allergy-laden friend, and discovered that a bag of frozen hashbrowns has potatoes, salt, pepper - that was pretty much it! I was definitely surprised.
    It was the Ore-Ida red-bag kind - plain cubed breakfast potatoes.

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      I think maybe you mean Alexi or Alexis brand? Something like that. If that is them they are ok for frozen fries.

    2. They'll contain more than just potatoes (or they'd be frozen cut potatoes) but Whole Foods 365, Alexia (as mentioned above), Cascadian Farms, Ian's, and Trader Joe's contain little more than potatoes, non-hydrogenated oils, salt, apple juice or other colorant, citric acid.

      1. I can't remember the last time I bought any prepared potatoes, but my understanding is that they require some treatment so they don't get all weird and mushy when you cook them. Ever try to freeze potatoes at home? It really doesn't work. I've seen food documentaries saying that it was quite the invention when they finally figured out how to preserve potatoes by freezing while saving the texture of the final product.

        1. Agree with other posters that Alexias are the best bet for unadulterated frozen FFs. Cook's Illustrated tested and said they were the best of the frozen bunch, but obviously homemade are better (their recipe for oven FF's is very good but time consuming)

          The one Alexia product I've tried and disliked were the breaded mushrooms--they stayed mushy inside and were pretty gross. Their frozen bread, cheese sticks, and potato products are pretty decent--they do a frozen mashed potato that isn't chemical soup as well.

          1. If you go to the edge of the store where all the green stuff is you'll usually find some french fries on the hoof that don't have any additives. Heck, they're not even frozen.