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Aug 23, 2007 01:44 PM

Fresh Masa for homemade tortillas?

Hello -Just back from Mexico and I'm craving homemade tortillas. I bought a tortilla press, comal, etc. but haven't been able to find fresh masa (the dried masa harina isn't the same.) Does anyone know where I can find high quality fresh masa to make homemade tortillas in the Bay Area? I live in the Peninsula but work in the city and am willing to drive. What about somewhere in Redwood City?


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  1. Define "fresh".

    Chavez Market sells masa in the cold case, 2-3 kinds by the bag.

    1. La Palma on 24th St. @ Florida sells it by the pound. Cheap and perfect. Often still warm. Fina or quebrada, preparada (for tamales) or simple (for tortillas).

      1. I buy fresh organic corn masa at the Berkeley Farmers Market. I think it is Primavera, so maybe the Saturday Ferry Plaza market has it too?

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        1. Second to la Palma, but you still might want to work it a litle bit...

          1. La Tapatia on Grand Ave. in South San Francisco