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Aug 23, 2007 01:37 PM

Dining along Lake Superior's North Shore

I gleaned a couple ideas from this thread
and am wondering if y'all have any other tasty places to recommend, from Duluth to anywhere along 61.

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  1. I just did a pretty extensive report, with photos, on Duluth last week:


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      I noticed it and wanted to read them, really. But there were no overall ratings that I noticed so I ended up only skimming them.

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      1. I did an extensive report on dining on Lake Superior's North Shore but on another website. You could Google my screen name along with "Minnesota Northern Exposure" and find it.

        Here are some of my recs.

        Best Dining Room: The Naniboujou Lodge near Hovland across from Judge C R Magney State Park.

        Best Pie: The Pie Place in Grand Marais beats out The Rustic Inn in Castle Danger and Betty's Pies near Two Harbors.

        Best Breakfast: I like The Wild Onion in Grand Marais. I like the Blue Waters Cafe in Grand Marais as well.

        Dinner: The Angry Trout in Grand Marais has never failed me. The place across the street from the Angry Trout entices me but has never been open when I was in town.

        1. I can give you suggestions for Duluth, where I live. Don't know much about dining beyond there.

          The best restaurants in the Duluth area, in my opinion, are Burrito Union (burritos, what else?), Amazing Grace (café/bakery), Mexico Lindo (Mexican; in Cloquet, about 15 mi W of Duluth), China Station (Chinese; for the ma po tofu), India Palace (Indian), Starvin' Marvin's (a truck stop on US-2, about 10 miles out of Duluth), and Bellisio's (Italian, but warning: not CONSISTENTLY good!).

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            Tell me more about Starvin' Marvin's. What is special about their food? What is on the menu? etc., etc.

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              I must have been in a hurry or something when I wrote that. Starvin Marvin's has standard American (truck stop?) fare. There are steaks, burgers, etc. but the only thing I've ever had there (many times) was their breakfast items, which have always been excellent - omelets and pancakes especially. True comfort food.

          2. We have enjoyed meals at Birch Terrace in Grand Marais, which is only open for dinner, and at Blue Fin Bay resort. I think we've eaten at least one meal in most of the lodges along the North Shore, most are decent but not outstanding. Cascade Lodge had nice views.