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Aug 23, 2007 01:19 PM

Fridge reorganization

We plan to reorganize our fridge. We buy lots of vegetables on the market, so we want lots of fridge space and only very little freezer space in the kitchen, and supplement with a chest freezer.

Any recommendations for full size fridges without or with a very small freezer? Ideally they would be Energy Star rated.

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  1. This won't help you with what fridge to buy - but I'm in the same situation in terms of having lots of vegetables - they are in the part that you don't see in the photo on this linked post:

    The lazy susans really help me keep the other part of my fridge organized, so that I have room for the other things.

    1. Buy a Maytag top-fridge bottom freezer. I love mine and if you can afford it get it counter depth so the motor is on top and looks like a sub=zero only so much less! You can turn off the freezer and make that a fridge too but you will love to store your frozen veggies(buy bushels at farmers market, cut and freeze) in this great drawer fridge! good luck!