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Looking to try something new in Little India

Tonight I want to try a new restaurant in Little India for good takeout and I was hoping that someone here could make a recommendation as there's so much to choose from. I've been to Siddhartha (used to be great but lately has been disappointing), Udupi Palace, and Lahore Tikka House (decent, but never understood the fuss over this place), so none of those three, please. Ultimately, what I'm looking for is a nice channa masala and chicken korma with some good naan and maybe some pakoras or bajia. Mega-mega bonus points (but not necessary) if the place you suggest doesn't use red food dye on their tandoori chicken.


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  1. Might be a stuoid question, but does any know which of the Indian places there have actual tandoor ovens? Or do they all, of course...hot naan freshly peeled out of the tandoor cant be beat, a wood burning one especially!

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      I'm certain many of them have 'restaurant-style' stainless steel tandoors, much like the ones on this website:


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        During the South Asian Festival Moti Mahal had a tandoori out on the street, where you can see the chef slapping the dough into the oven.

        Tried their channa puri which is quite good. My friend loved the naan and the sauce of the chicken malai curry but found the chicken meat itself a bit tasteless.

      2. Go to 786, this awesome Pakistani restaurant from Montreal that just opened a branch in Little India. Their whole fried fish is something else, and they have weekend specials...tonight we might go for the nihari special, yum.

        1. BBQ Hut has been fairly consistent over the years. Good heat in the spicing, real charcoal in the tandoor.

          1. Had BBQ Hut take-out last night which was good... had a grilled beef dish (small portion) which had been marinated in yogurt and spices, it was excellent. Chicken madras curry was great, but had bones which I knew beforehand. The dhal was tasteless - tasted like refried beans... added some coriander chutney to spice it up! Naan was amazing.
            They don't have channa masala :(

            1. my fav for channa masala is Makkah at donlands/danforth. i also love their quail, karachi chicken and dhal.

              1. Our favourite restaurant on the Gerard strip is "The Regency". It is a 'frequent' place for us and several friends (older hippies who lived in India for a few years and still are pretty fussy/knowledgable about Indian cuisine) We used to go to The New Haandi 2000" and still go there if The Regency is full, it is also good but not as clean and spiffy..needs re-decorating badly particularly the washrooms. I believe The Regency makes the best Bhindi on the strip! We hardly ever order Tandoori Chicken so I can't tell you anything about that dish. Personally, I think the butter naan's are wonderful and the roti (chapati) also good. The staff knows us pretty well and are quick to bring 'hot' roti throughout the meal.

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                  You have to be kidding!! Perhaps your older hippy friends fried out the brain circuits that run the taste buds, because Regency is utterly disgusting - tough inedible meats, and Haandi? Don't make me laugh - I got food poising from there. Madras Durbar (deceased) was a gem, Narula's was scarily filthy but you could get the best Dosa there. What's good now on the strip? BBQ Hut is a good bet for Nan and Tandoori - nothing else though. I live nearby and have been a regular diner along the Gerrard strip for 13 years, but disappointed because I lived in London for 5 years eating way better Indian food than can be found here.

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                    I can't believe how harsh you are on these two restaurants but to each his own and that being said, your having lived in London obviously has had an impact ...subjective or otherwise. I find Toronto Indian food to be more than acceptable, some places better than other but then again I am being subjective... I have had great Indian food in Jamaica, probably better than some places in Toronto....it's all in the taste buds, fried or otherwise.

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                      Have heard the same things about Haandi and Regency, and Skylark. I live a mere 10 or less houses from Gerrard and stick to Lahore, Siddhartha and now, BBQ Hut. I promise I will branch out and report (I have been to London - the Indian (Bangladeshi, really) food there is sublime!)

                  2. Perhaps slightly off-topic, but I'm married to an Indian girl, and her parents visited recently. All agree that "Little India" is not Indian at all - it's Pakistani. In the same way that our "Chinatowns" downtown are mostly run by Vietnamese these days, really. Most Indian families live in the suburbs.

                    There is a difference in the cuisines. And not to harp on my previous post, but y'all should really try the Pakistani restaurant 786. The atmosphere sucks, but the food is good, and hey, they do takeout and I think delivery. We ate there the other night, and my wife's family all agreed that the Saturday nihari special was excellent (and they are big nihari fans).