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Feb 8, 2006 02:10 PM

Malasadas in San Francisco

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Where can we get fresh Malasadas (Portuguese Donut) in San Francisco? or the east bay or san jose area...

I had some when I was in Oahu and it was Dee-Ah-Licious!

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  1. Many of the Portuguese bakeries make these the day before Ash Wednesday (March 1st this year).

    Anyone wondering what malasada’s (aka filhos) are – Portuguese / Hawaiian donuts. Sort of like a fritter. See link for more info and pictures. Like any donut, best when hot and the fresher the better.

    Here’s some I’ve tried in order of preference:

    1. Popular Bakery (only available near Ash Wednesday) San Jose
    2. Hiser Bakery – (Only available the day before Ash Wednesday), Hayward
    3. Five Star Bakery – occasionally year round – Alum Rock, San Jose
    4. Portuguese Bakery – always available – Santa Clara

    Places I haven’t tried:

    1. Hawaiian Festival in August
    2. Maybe SOMEONE can report if they are at 9 Islands Bakery Café, 1 Padre Pkwy. Rohnert Park 94928 707-586-1620
    3. Thursday night Marin’s farmers market? – from an August report, but in the link at the end, the company said they no longer sold at events or retail anymore.

    NOT malasada’s … but close

    1. saimin - May’s coffee shop in the Japantown Mall. No personal experience here, but a previous mention

    2. March 19th ESPECIALLY Victoria Pastry – St. Joseph’s Day Donuts. Best donut I ate last year and VERY malasada-like. Check other Italian bakeries on that day. Emporio Rulli makes a donut that day that is good, but not malasada-like.

    RIP –
    1. Tita's hale aina … I think … website is dead, phone # not working
    2. Bobas, Stonestown. Last report in August said Bobas was still there, but no longer made Malasadas.

    Maybe there’s someplace not reported yet. I hear there’s a Portuguese bakery in Fremont.

    DETAILS (from previous posts)

    1. Popular Bakery
    1636 Alum Rock Ave San Jose, Ca 95116 (408) 258-2800

    These hot light fritters rolled in the most pleasant lemon sugar were the best Portuguese sugar donut I’ve tried to date in the Bay Area Eat them at Café Docanto across the street, a terrific Portuguesr coffee shop.

    2. Hiser Bakery
    18563 Mission Blvd Hayward, CA 94541. Main Phone: 510-278-3322.
    Tuesday–Friday 7 am -5pm, Saturday - 7 am – 3 pm, Closed Sunday/Monday

    They came in plain and sugared. I preferred the sugar. They were like a fritter with an oily (in a good way) exterior and the softest fluffiest interior. Some of them had little crispy pieces attached. Order must be placed in advance.

    3. Five Star Bakery
    2247 Alum Rock Avenue, San Jose, Ca 95116 (408) 258-7441
    6am – 7 pm Mon – Sat. 6am- 1pm Sunday

    Similar to Hiser, but didn’t get them hot on my visit

    4. Portuguese Bakery

    They are like a fritter shaped churro either plain or filled with strawberry jelly. When I asked about other flavors, I was told that you could special order lemon or custard filled donuts. Ask when they are hot. I bought these at the end of the day … not a good thing for a donut to sit all day.

    5. Hawaiian Festival in August

    Here are comments from previous posts (not mine):

    The Academy of Hawaiian Arts has malasadas - 6 for $4.
    Hot, tasty, sugared delights - not a speck of grease.

    The Academy of Hawaiian Arts food booth had the longest line! We were happy to wait for the malasadas hot from the fryer - and happier to walk away with our brown paper bag of hot sugared donuts - almost too hot to eat! The ones at the bottom of the bag were thickest with sugar...and we were stopped twice with our mouths full and our faces sugared by people asking, "Where did you get those malasadas?!?" Big!... light nearly fluffy but with a toothsome texture, fragrant, not greasy. Heavenly.

    This link describes the malasada and at one time supposedly sold at the Marin Farmer’s market on Thursday


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      Melanie Wong

      I'm confused, are you suggesting saimin noodles as a substitute for malasadas?

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        My mistake. I read an old post wrong. Thanks for catching that and clearing it up. Sorry for the confusion.

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      ChowFun (derek)

      Sorry to report that the fresh malsadas at Tita's in the Castro are no more, as Tita's has closed!