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Euromart: I have died and gone to Poland

I noticed a Polish market called Euromart on Dot Ave (near Locust) that had a sign for hot and cold sandwiches. At the deli counter filled with a huge array of smoked sausages, bacon and hams, most signs are in Polish but one in English offered kielbasa sandwich for $3.99 large or $2.99 small. I requested a large and the counter lady telephoned out back, took a long roll and a whole kielbasa, asked if I wanted everything on it (yes), and left the counter saying "about ten minutes". During my wait, I perused this delightful shop filled with bargains (good 4 oz Polish chocolate bars for 60 cents) and ordered some smoked bacon (still warm) and a baked cabbage turnover for later. The counter was lined up with people with shopping carts full of said delicacies. After ten minutes, a Polish grandmotherly type came out with my sandwich from pork heaven. The kielbasa was fried crisp on the outside with good chopped pickles, excellent summer tomatoes, and fresh green leaf lettuce on a submarine sized roll slathered with good mustard. The veggies were still cool and crisp against the warm smoky sausage. A great sandwich to rival my in-town favorites of Artu's lamb sandwich and dare I say Speeds hot dog. You may surmise that I like this place a lot but I'm even happier that with Cafe Polonia and Baltic Delicatessen it forms a solid comfort food Eastern Front here in our fair city. It is ethnic neighborhood places like this where English isn't an asset that brings a chowhound's smile to my face.

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  1. gourmaniac, it is posts like this one that, in my opinion, make this board worth reading.

    plus, i think you win the award for best thread title of the year.

    thank you.

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      You took the words right off my keyboard. WIll have to go try it soon!

      808 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02125

    2. Aaahh, how (unfortunately) timely. Tonight I had a desparation meal out of a Hillshire farm kielbasa on a hot dog roll. Suddenly, it's seeming even a bit more desparate.

      Thanks for the tip!

      1. Thanks Autopi for the kind words. This place has deli treasures and helps fills a need for central European here. LeoLioness, I'm boycotting Hillshire products as long as that annoying ad is on this site. Besides, they just don;t taste very good.

        1. Sorry, but I can't find Dot Avenue and locust on google maps. Is this in Boston?

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              "Dot Ave." is boston for Dorchester Ave.

            2. gourmaniac,

              great review/post. Is it possible that you went to DJ's though and not the baltic deli?? i went there just now (baltic) on the the rec of your post alone while out running errands. got the kielbasa sub- and it was outstanding and priced at around where you said- but it was a cold sub. again, not complaining- great sanger that hit the spot for the right price- but defs not that "fried, crispy" goodness that you mentioned in your post.

              did i do something wrong??

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                Baltic Delicatessen only has cold sandwiches. Euromart (a different place) further down dorchester Avenue is where I went. Not sure where DJ's is.

              2. I think this must be the place that I went to some years ago - I'm so glad they are still around! I remember huge sandwiches (for the decent price like you mentioned). I never tried the kielbasa (and here I am, half Polish!! Shame on me!), but what I had from there - sandwiches & polish donuts - were delish.

                1. DJ's on Boston Street near 224 is our go to Polish piece of heaven. Very similar to Euromart. The subs are huge and delicious and cheap.

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                    Oh my God! I just tried DJ's and it was very impressive. I had mentioned Euromart to a Polish friend who reminded me of this place. The Kielbasa sandwich was $3.69 and had a different variety of kielbasa kept warm in a little oven with some huge pork roast-looking thing in it. It was excellent and I could only finish half. Quite a statement from someone who downs a 1/2 lb Speed's hot dog and runs back to work. The place was lined up with burly men getting a hearty sandwich for lunch and one fellow picking up 30 lbs of kielbasa (presumably not just for his lunch). The variety here is less than Euromart but prices are about 30% lower. Thanks elizard and thekidd for the recommendation. My triumvirate of Polish places is now a fantastic four.

                  2. do you know if does Euromart does Kishka (blood sausage)? Baltic is always 'just out' whenever i go, granted it's usually about 30 minutes from close as i go to Polonia.

                    mmmmmmmm Polonia!

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                      OMG, kishka! Haven't had it since leaving Detroit two decades ago. Would love to find some fresh-made.

                    2. Went there yesterday in hopes to find the same wonderful experience you had. But my sandwich although delicious was not grilled. Instead I saw the counter person place the Kielbasa in the microwave. Will warn folks that it was difficult to communicate with the staff as there was a strong language barrier. I will definetly go back again.

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                        Hmm. That's too bad as the truly special thing was the crisp warm sausage against the cool veggies. The quality of the kielbasa is excellent though so I'm glad that even microwaved it was good. Yes, language is an issue at the counter, but I found everyone helpful and dont be afraid to ask fellow customers for help.

                      2. just went and checked out euromart. the market itself is actually quite nice--clean and well stocked, and some european candies and what not that are not your run-of-the-mill market items. the deli counter has about 432 types of sausage and various pork products (ahh...), which seem to be priced insanely cheaply, though it's hard to say because the menu board is largely in polish. i wanted to try some but there was a line forming for the deli so i just grabbed my sandwich and my $0.60 candy bars and jetted.

                        i got the kielbasa sandwich, but had the same experience as look2eat: it was microwaved not, as far as i can tell, grilled. it was gigantic for $3.99, and i thought it was pretty good. however, IMO there wasn't enough tomato/pickle/mustard--i.e. crisp & sour & tangy & cool--to serve as a real foil to the (albeit delicious) sausage. also, the lady asked me if i wanted cheese, and i was at the point of saying yes to everything. DO NOT make this mistake. the cheese was a distraction from what the sandwich is all about and i regret it deeply.

                        all in all, a great find, and i certainly plan on going back to try some of their deli pork items.

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                        1. re: autopi

                          Well now I'm beginning to doubt my sanity. My kielbasa was certainly taken out back and came out 10 minutes later with a char on the sausage and there were so much chopped tomato and pickle that it fell out of the sandwich. I wasn't asked about cheese but said yes to onion that didn't appear on the final sandwich. Not sure how I'd feel about a microwaved version but the kielbasa is excellent however heated. Perhaps I had the benefit of grandma visiting from the homeland...

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                            Did you, perhaps, place the order in Polish? If so, would you kindly inform us how the sandwitch is pronounced in Polish??? It may result in a rush to the mart, but hey....we live to eat... right?

                            1. re: cornFusion

                              Sorry, for the misunderstanding. Im not Polish and the grandmother referred to worked in the back of the deli. Perhaps someone else could chime in.