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Aug 23, 2007 12:53 PM

Good place to eat near the Pantages?

Very last minute, but I'm trying to get tickets to see Wicked plus get reservations at a restaurant for this Saturday! Anyone have any good advice for a place near there to eat? Asian influence of some sort would be nice, as would not too long a wait for a table (or even the possibility of getting a reservation at this point). Priced in the $30-50 per person range.

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  1. Suzanne Goin's ode to New England seafood, The Hungry Cat, is nearby. It's decent, and within the price range. Trendier atmosphere for sure, and very popular, so reservations at this point might be difficult.

    The Hungry Cat
    1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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      i second the hungry cat. if you cannot get in, their are some lesser alternatives:

      charcoal at arclight. dolce group. not my favorite restaurant group, but the food is ok and the atmospehere is kind of fun.

      magnolia down sunset a hair. very decent food with good prices.

      chan dara thai on cahuenga. truly delicious thai.

    2. Meow!!!
      Great food, even better cocktails...a bit of a wait and not the best service. Just get there early and try to sit at the bar where the service is better...I hate bad service but the food and drinks or so good, I forgive every time...again, never bad service at the bar.

      1. I just enjoyed seeing Wicked a few weeks ago and went to dinner after at Off Vine. It was wonderful. Walking distance from The Pantages and great service.

        1. Hungry Cat is fantastic. Also could do burgers at the Bowery (yummy and cheap) on Sunset just east of Vine, next door to Magnolia. Off Vine is nice, albiet a little more formal.

          You could always do Roscoe's chicken & waffles on Sunset and Gower.

          1. Los Balcones del Peru serves up one of my favorite cuisines - Peruvian, but with a little more panache than most Peruvian eateries.

            Here's some reviews...




            Three great reviews, each by present or former Chowhound greats...

            Los Balcones del Peru
            1360 N. Vine St.
            Hollywood, CA 90028