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Aug 23, 2007 12:53 PM

How long does ground beef last in the fridge?

I bought some freshly ground beef on Sunday and I left it in the fridge until now, Thursday (5 days.) Is it still safe to eat? I plan on making Marcella's ragu but I'm worried about any safety issues.

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  1. I would think it should be okay, depending on how it was packaged.... but you should thoroughly inspect it and smell it to make sure there isn't any obvious rotting such as a "grey" color to the meat or a foul smell.

    1. If your fridge is good and cold, and it was in the meat section (coldest section) then it should be okay. If it is a bit gray on the outside but the inside is good and pink it will be fine. But if it has an odor toss it.

      1. Thanks guys. There was no smell to my meat and no rotting grey. The food tasted delicious: thank you so much.

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          This is after the fact, but just for the record, brownish gray isn't a problem with meat as long as it's been held at the right temperature and is before it's use by date. People have been conditioned to think meat must be red to be fresh. As a result, some producers will be unnecessarily irradiating meat to keep it red.

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            Great!! Glad you were able to enjoy it and not have to pitch response to Chowser, thanks for the info on the "grey" coloring of meat...I have always thrown it out assuming it was rotting, thanks for correcting me, I appreciate any and all tips.