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Aug 23, 2007 12:50 PM

Help---I'm making cookies and don't have an egg!

I'm making PB cookies and the recipe calls for 1 egg. I can't believe I don't have one. What can I substitute? Milk? More butter?

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  1. My baking instructor said that a viable sub is mayo...I think one tbsp for one egg.
    Sorry, can't personally vouch, never tried.

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      I am going to keep that in mind---that is a really good idea.

      I was half way through the cookies when I posted and ended up just using a splash of milk. Turned out great.

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        I made a mayonnaise chocolate cake once when I was desperate (had to bring something to an office party) and it was good! I just googled mayonnaise cake and there are recipes with and without eggs.

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          This thread needs to rise from the dead, a 6yr zombie, because the mayonnaise works perfectly! I was halfway into creaming butter & sugars for a choc chunk w/oatmeal recipe (I also had only half a bag of choc chips so I cut up a couple bars of almond bark that's been in my cabinet probably since this thread started) and realized I was out of eggs.

          So, "timely" advice, I suppose. God bless Google & Chowhound. (I've also made those mayo chocolate "depression" cakes and they are fabulous, ftr.)

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            for me too! I started making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and didn't realize I was out of eggs until my butter and sugar were in the bowl, beaten. I also didn't have any mayo (I mean, I could just make some with just an...doh! no eggs!)

            But this thread was great. I threw in a little vegetable oil and most of a banana. I had to add a little more flour and oats to get the batter to seem right (I was really winging the amounts of the substitutions anyway) but the cookies look like normal, and taste like normal except for this pleasant banana-y caramel kick. I think the cookies are a bit chewier than normal, but it's somewhat hard to tell right out of the oven.

            Anyway, thanks - my promised treat to my spouse is saved!

        2. They do make vegan cookies. I wonder what they use in place of eggs for those.

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            Flax seed + water. 2:1 I believe. Works great in baked goods.

          2. applesauce! I use one of those single serving snack pack things to replace 2 eggs. Or if I'm just spooning out of a jar, I eye it. A couple tablespoons would be good for 1 egg.
            You could also use 1/2 a mashed banana.

            1. The mayo is an interesting idea. It is, after all, made with egg. Applesauce sounds interesting, if you don't mind the change in flavor. I'd think it would lose a little of its rising potential though, wouldn't it?

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                I have a friend who prefers to use banana because she says she doesn't like the applesauce taste. I love it and my vegan chocolate chip cookies always seem to be the tastiest, chewiest things. They don't rise a ton, but they aren't flat puddles of cookie either, they turn out just how I like em! (I also often use cinnamon applesauce, which I partly credit for the tastiness of the cookies)

              2. For future reference, I've seen this 1-egg substitution in egg-free cake recipes. Maybe it would work for cookies, too?
                1 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil
                1 1/2 tablespoons water
                2 teaspoons baking powder
                Double for 2 eggs.


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                  Old post but I just used this for chocolate chip cookies. I will never use eggs in cookies or cakes again. The cookies are the best I've ever made and I've made a lot of cookies. I can also take them out early and not worry about them being raw.

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                    Just used this substitute, awsome......