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Aug 23, 2007 12:42 PM

Pomegranate Resto???

What are your thoughts on the Pomegranate resto on College near Bathurst?

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  1. It's fantastic. Great food, attentive service, lovely ambience, and relatively affordable.

    Even our Persian friends sing its praises - apparently this is more along the lines of the food mama would make, rather than the standard Persian restaurant fare of kebabs and rice.

    Do make reservations to avoid disappointment. I once went on a whim on a Thursday night, only to find the place jam-packed.

      1. It's gone-walked by the other day-papered up windows. Didn't have a look at the sign in the window though. Can anyone confirm?

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        1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

          I noticed the papered up windows and grew concerned. Upon closer inspection there was a sign that explained it all. I can't remember if it said they were on vacation, or renovating... Either way, it seems the paper will come down!

          1. re: Delish

            I was planning to go this past weekend to Pomegranate; called the restaurant to make a reservation and got a voice message saying that they will be closed until the end of August.

            Since I was really in the mood for Persian food, an Iranian friend and I went to Shomal on Stelles, west of Yonge. The Mirza Ghasemi was not bad, although my friend said it did not taste the way it should. The Sultani Kabab was very good, really tasty. We also ordered a dish I cannot remember the name, it was a chicken stew prepared with pomegranate juice, which unfortunately was way too sour. My Iranian friend rated it 4 out of 10.

            I'm looking forward to going to Pomegranate in September, once they reopen.

            1. re: tjunmin

              Since Pomegranate reopened in September, I've been there twice. I really liked the food so far and the service is very friendly.

              The maast-o kihar is a simple but nice summer appetizer, consisting of English cucumber cut in cubes mixed into a creamy herbed yogurt, which is very refreshing in warm days, topped by walnuts and raisins that add interest to this spread. Zeitoon parvardeh is another tasty appetizer, a strong flavoured tapenade of green olives and chopped garlic. Both appetizers are served with warm barbari bread, a flat persian bread about 1/2 to 1 inch thick. Dolmeh, stuffed vine leaves with a blend of rice and herbs, has a soft consistency and a citrus kick.

              The three main dishes that my spouse and I tried are aloo gheysi, morasa polo and chicken fesenjaan. Among the three, my favorite dish is morasa polo, a braised lamb shank served with saffron basmati rice mixed with slivers of orange peel, almond, pistachio and barberies, with a side of salad and creamy yogurt; the rice is very tasty and goes well with the fall-off-the-bone lamb. Aloo gheysi is a sweet tasty chicken stew prepared with plums and dried apricots, very intense in flavors, served with saffron basmati rice and a side of salad. Fesenjaan is a rich smooth stew prepared with ground walnut and pomegranate syrup, which I understand it is a traditional Persian dish; I didn't dislike it, but I believe it is an acquired taste.

              We are planning to return to Pomegranate to try the other items on their menu. :)

        2. definitely go. they have a wide variety of items on their menu, all reasonably priced. The servers are very friendly too.

          1. Pomegranate is closed for August.