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Aug 23, 2007 12:39 PM

Mexican in Coconut Grove/Coral Gables?

Hey Hounds, any ideas for a great Mexican restaurant in either Coconut Grove or CoralGables?

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  1. Wel, for the Grove you could check out "Tacos and Crepes Land"... Formerly known as "A&S Taqueria" this place has a pretty good handle on items like tacos and burritos at good prices. I think that they saw the little crepe stand across the street doing OK business and decided they should offer that as well. Hence the new, completely ridiculous, restaurant name.

    1. Though not officially dubbed "Mexican" Jaguar has the best mexy in the 2 CG's, probably the entire county...

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        Great for any of these is a stretch, but Jaguar is definitely not the best in the county for Mexican food. I'd put Cheen Huaye well ahead and Rancho Grande in front as well. Probably even Paquitos. There is a new Mexican place going into a spot on Miracle Mile but they're just at the beginning stages of construction. I do very much like Jaguar's ceviches though.

        1. re: netmover

          It was my impression, Jaguar's is primarily Peruvian with a Mexican edge. The ceviche is wonderful and Eduardo makes a great mojito!