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Aug 23, 2007 12:36 PM

Acme Burger Company now open! (Salt Lake City)

Last night I was heading to check out Settebello, but then saw the Now Open sign for Acme Burger Company jsut across the street, new home of Adam Kreisel. It's just the soft opening this week, Tuesday the first day. No liquor license in place yet, but....


I opted for a classic, my husband got the lamb. We split pomme frittes and since a glitch happened with the computer, we were rewarded with a chocolate shake. Glitch was no problem to me, that's what a soft opening is all about.These things get worked out...

They have a website, check it out:

I will definitely return, but I do still need to check out Settebello...

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      Yes! Sorry if I did not make that clear. Tonight we were at Settebello before heading over for the music of Calexico at Gallivan. As fine as Settebello was, I was thinking about how good it was the night before at Acme Burger Company. Now what does that say?

      1. re: blueheron

        It says "Adam Kreisel is back!"

        We popped in Tuesday evening for their first soft night, and we loved it. Outstanding dishes were the heirloom tomato salad, the escolar ceviche
        (#1 with a bullet) and the Acme Breath Freshener, destined to become
        SLC's fave garlic burger. The berry/tarragon sorbet for dessert was sublime.

        The missus made a second visit, and even out the frig, the leftover lamb burger and frites were excellent.

        And as of last night, they have liquor. We'll pop into Settebello every now and then, as the pizzas and antipasto are most excellent, but ABC is the new downtown hang for us.

        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Yeah, I almost went back last night, but was in a foul mood from a trio of rude patrons at Ronstadt (I work for Center for the Arts) and just wanted to take my bad mood home to sulk, not bring my black cloud out, had enough of people. Checked out Settebello Thursday pre Calexico (they were fab!). Settebello was great, too, but I think Acme falls into that comfort food category. I was talking it up to coworkers and DO want to try the Breath Enhancer next. Mmm, I'm starting to salivate...

    2. We made our maiden voyage into Acme Burger Company today and were blown away! The Acme Breath Enhancer was out of this world! We are already looking forward to our next visit. I am excited to try out the Escolar Civeche, or the Lotus Leaf Steamed King Salmon.
      It is so exciting to have a new restaurant that is focused on high-quality ingredients, with an ingenious menu. A full bar doesn't hurt either!

      To read all about our experience check out our blog:

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      1. re: gourmand_syndrome

        Yeah, baby! And they are still in soft opening. I've been in 3 times, and while not all is perfect, almost everything totally hits the mark. That Escolar Ceviche is definitely a high point, and my fave of the 3 cured fish offerings. Other faves so far are the ostrich burger, the creamed spinach with pernod and the steak fries (not thick planks, but crispy and thicker than the shoestrings). We were able to finagle a cheese board (they only have their prototype and are not taking orders for it yet) and it was as good as any that Adam put forth at the dear departed Globe.

        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          I guess I'll have to drive down the canyon one of these days!!! I couldn't imagine something associated with Adam not being fantastic. I may break my no-red-meat dining habit and get the classic, although I'd like to try his veggieburger. The place is lucky it got the liquor license - there was an article last week that said the DABC only had 19 licenses left for the entire state!

          1. re: scabbardgirl

            I had a bite of my dining partner's veggie burger (just the patty). Not something I would ever consider ordering anywhere BUT an Adam Kreisel offering, and it did not disappoint. I think the king salmon burger is next on my list. Between those 2 and the ostrich you've got 3 trips before you misbehave!

            The grass-fed beef is KILLER yummybeefy, btw.

            1. re: GroovinGourmet

              Maybe I'll have to save ABC for my once-a-year red meat fest, instead of the usual blood rare piece of prime rib (must be for the horseradish) :-)
              Between the veggie burger and his cheese plate, I'll be one happy camper.
              Does he have sweet potato fries on the menu? That would make it true Nirvana!

              1. re: scabbardgirl

                If you do save it, you can go for the Colossal. I have no idea how big a burger that is.

                No SP fries. I'm guessing those are a little too common around here these days.

                1. re: GroovinGourmet

                  I've been twice now. Both times excellent. Had the Breath Enhancer this time with the rosemary potatoes. Nice to be able to have a beer with my burger now that the license is in place. Both times, I just ended up there, not in the plan for the night. Next time I'll go with a hearty appetite and my plan will be to go for a few of the amazing sounding appetizers, get some variety. Don't even ask me what yet, I'll let my mood guide me. I know I'll be delighted

      2. After reading several reviews of how great Acme was we decided to try it for lunch, EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING!!!! My husband and I both ordered the classic burgers with extras, cheese, bacon, mushrooms and fries are all add-ons. The burgers came and the meat didn't even fill the bun. The actual burger was good but the garlic killed our stomachs later. The shoestring fries were very good but such a meager serving. Order them with your burger and you'll get more rather than just ordering a side for the table. My daughter had the mac and cheese and it was served in a tiny souffle cup. The service was extremely slow and the place wasn't even busy. We saw 3 couples get up and leave because they had been waiting so long and not even greeted yet by a waitress. Again, it wasn't busy! After a $35 lunch bill we were all wondering what to eat now since none of us were full. It's hard for me to believe no one else has had a poor experience here but maybe we were just too hopeful for a really good burger joint.

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        1. re: snowgirl07

          Snowgirl, I'm afraid I have to agree. I put off posting negatively because I have only been once, and I know how much Groovin and Denise like the chef. Nevertheless, my experience was last week at dinner with two friends. The place was bustling and we had great service. We decided to share bites of the ceviche, ahi tartare, squash bisque, and garlic burger. Two of us liked the ceviche, although Diane thought it was fishy. The problem was the pita chips, which were incredibly dry. My other friend said they must have been heated in a microwave. I agree, as we asked for some with the tartare; they arrived warm and supple and in a matter of minutes were dry and hard as rocks. The bisque was out of balance, perhaps too much uncooked curry powder (and I love the flavor of curry. This was just unpleasant). The burger was cooked to order, and the bun was fine. But, oddly, it was kind of cold. The fries were ample, but nothing to write home about. But the real disaster was the tartare. It was served basically unadorned, the color was not very fresh looking (although the fish was certainly fresh). The problem was that it had absolutely no taste. nada. Diane asked the waitress if there was something we could have to help it. We were brought the house vinaigrette, which did help. Price for this, a bottle of chardonnay, and a good tip was eighty bucks. Reasonably priced if the food had been better. I know I should give it another try, but I'll wait awhile.

          1. re: rooney

            I also agree that the Acme Burger Company has been somewhat overrated by many of the posts here. The burger patties truly are good, but very little else about the place is gourmet or even terribly creative as far as I can see. I've had gourmet fries at many places, but they're pretty standard here, despite the gourmet prices. The beer list is fine but nothing special. At least one poster above likened this place to vegas - I agree. A hound on the strip has to pay at least 50% more for good proletarian food than he/she would in any other city. The prices are 50% too high here too. The ostrich burger is good but you need not charge more than $10 for it in Salt Lake City.