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Aug 23, 2007 12:27 PM

Restaurants that serve Buffalo - PHX/Tempe/Scotts

Love this website! Glad I found it yesterday and joined today!!

Alright, need some help locating restaurants that serve buffalo meat here in town. I know fuddruckers serves buffalo burgers (I'm gluten free so I get my burger sans bun) but that's about the only place I know of.

So a place (aside from the place at the scottsdale waterfront - the reviews off this site dont make it sound too great) for burgers and steaks!


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  1. Cartwright's in Cave Creek serves really good buffalo steaks.

    Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House
    6710 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331

    1. i've had great buffalo steak at wright's at the biltmore...its a quasi-seasonal menu tho, so i'd check their menu on-line to confirm. i was there in february and they had it

      Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa: Wright's at the Biltmore
      2400 E Missouri, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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        Cowboy does infact serve buffalo as well.

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          Yes, their buffalo carpaccio is very delicious! The appetizer would make a fine meal for one!

      2. Not too far from Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe is Kai at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort in Chandler. They serve a buffalo tenderloin that is OUTSTANDING. =)

        5594 W. Wildhorse Pass Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

        1. You can add Stax on the list- one can order buffalo burgers there. Beware that a 3 oz. burger can cost you up to $5 for what is basically a slider portion. Plan on eating elsewhere first before dining here, unless you're ready to shell out a lot of money for three or four burgers plus sides.

          1. Fuddruckers serves buffalo? Since when? Do all their restaurants offer it?

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              Their website lists buffalo, turkey, and veggie burgers as alternatives to their beef burgers without mention of differences across stores or regions.