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Aug 23, 2007 11:40 AM

Good Lunch Places in Downtown San Bernardino?

Hi Guys,
My sister has just obtained a new job in beautiful Downtown San Bernardino (at about 5th and Sierra Way), and will be looking for good places for lunch, especially any sandwich places. We know that San Bernardino is more or less a culinary wasteland, but that's what Chowhound is for! : )
Any thoughts/ideas, suggestions?

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  1. Good Vietnamese
    Hu Tiu-Pho 86
    275 E. 9th St., San Bernardino
    (909) 884-3776

    There is also a brand new Korean restaurant in the new shopping center just north of Costco. I have forgotten the name of it but it has excellent food. Its on the corner of Hospitality Lane and Tippecanoe so she would have to drive.

    If she is willing to drive to Loma Linda there's another good Vietnamese restaurant
    A Dong
    25685 Redlands Blvd # D, Loma Linda, CA
    (909) 796-8840

    Redlands has a lot of good restaurants along State Street.

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      Thank you, RBCal, because I thought NO ONE was going to respond to my post!!
      I understand that my post was a challenge.
      ; )

    2. Alfredos on Baseline is very popular Italian place. We ate there a lot when I was in dental school in Loma Linda

      1. In the heart of downtown is Molly's Cafe, on 350 North "D" Street. It's only open for breakfast and lunch. It has a rustic, slightly truck stop-ish atmosphere, but the two occassions I ate there have both been very satisfying. Good quality food, and friendly service.

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          Thanks guys!! I"ll relay these to my sister as well. : )

        2. I've worked at 3rd and Sierra for 7 years -

          Second Alfredo's - good pizza, good sandwiches, and they make something called the "peasant's lunch" thats pretty good. Plan on spending more than an hour if you go at noon.

          Ray's Downtown Deli on D or E ?? makes pretty good sandwiches and usually has a daily special plate.

          Juan Pollo further south on D or E ?? has mexican rotissere chicken served with potato salad and mexican (not spanish) rice.

          Tell her not to walk around the area looking for "hole in the walls" - it can get pretty scary.

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              "Tell her not to walk around the area looking for "hole in the walls" - it can get pretty scary."

              I just did this last week here - nothing scary.

            2. the original

              On a serious note - a outpost of the Guatamalan fried chicken chain El Pollo Campero is located in SB

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                Oh, where is it, kare? And what is Guatamalan fried chicken? Is it good?

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                  Its right next to this big spanish department store La curacao. south of downtown.

                  Check out the website:

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                    Thanks kare, I'll have her check it out!
                    : )