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Aug 23, 2007 11:26 AM

East Village Bakery

Hi all,

I recently moved into Stuyesant Town and I looking for a good bakery in the general vicinity. I am thinking about a place where I can stop by and grab a loaf of bread on the way home from work. Pasteries or sweet treats are not necessary.

Many thanks for your help.

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  1. There are some jewish bakeries on 2nd avenue like Moishe's bake shop. I've never been in though. There are also some japanese bakeries there too. Panya and cafe zaiya.

    1. There is an excellent bakery called Birdbath, on 1st Avenue btwn 13 & 14. It's run by the folks at City Bakery and the croissants are excellent!

      Moishe's on 2nd Avenue between 6th & 7th has good cookies and strudel and excellent bread. I think their bagels aren't so great though, but David's Bagel on 1st Avenue between 13th & 14th have terrific bagels.

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        As far as i know, Birdbath doesn't have loaves of bread.

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          Agreed, the bread and cookies what to get at Moishe's. They do a great job with the hamantaschen, if you're into that.

          1. re: williej33

            Mmmmm! Poppyseed hamantaschen! I love Moishe's rendition of this wonderful pastry! It's just about my only pastry craving.

            Besides Balthazar's scones, that is.

        2. Ninth Street Bakery, 350 East 9th St., (just west of First Ave). Many kinds of bread including a tasty mini challah, toast a slice lightly, add peanut butter and banana slices and your Sty Town rent won't seem so painful.

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            I'll second Ninth Street Bakery. Honest, good, reasonably priced loaves of bread that can be bought unsliced so you can make them as thick as you like.

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              Thanks for the recommendation! Ninth Street Bakery was fabulous and their prices are exceedingly reasonable.

              1. re: newfoodie

                I'm Glad Ninth Street has a new customer. I'm always afraid they will go the way of Kurowycky.

            2. There's a pretty good Greek-esque bakery on Rivington and Clinton or thereabouts. Great bread and it seemed to be flying out the door.

              1. Veniero's is on 11th and 1st,, great italian bakery. I'm sure they have bread but the pastries are excellent. The best bread in the city is at Grand Daisy on sullivan st. and Sullivan street bakery uptown.

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                  I actually don't believe that Veniero's does bread, although I agree that their pastries are wonderful. My wedding cake was from Veniero's, and it made everyone very happy. I enjoy their Italian cheesecake as well. As long as we're talking bakery sweets, though, let me add another great East Village Italian cafe - De Robertis.

                  Welcome to the neighborhood, New Foodie!

                  De Robertis
                  176 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009