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Aug 23, 2007 11:21 AM

Seeking sardines, Triangle and Charlotte and points in-between

Am interested in grocery stores that sell Filipino specialty items, or any store that sells something like what I'm craving...

Montano brand "Spanish-style" sardines packed in glass jars of olive oil, with some chili pepper, cucumber, carrot, peppercorns also in there. I suspect this Filipino product is not sold in the U.S. (For anyone trying to find me a substitute, I've read that these sardines are made from a Filipino herring. They're headless, but skin and bones are intact. Their length makes them a perfect fit for sliced bread. They taste like what I imagine an anchovy would be like if it wasn't so salty. I don't think they're smoked. I tried some canned sardines from Harris Teeter, which tasted nothing like what I'm looking for; I think the smoky-taste was the problem.)

I've checked several grocery stores (Asian Market next to Foster's in Durham, Grand Asia in Cary, Oriental Market on Capital in Raleigh; the Filipino store on Hillsborough in Durham is closed); no luck.

Will be in Charlotte this weekend, and perhaps could find something there?

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  1. Oooh, I remember those - haven't had them in a long time! Just talked to my Filipino mother. She gets hers from the seafood market on South Blvd. near the Woodlawn intersection. We don't remember the name, but if you travel south on South Blvd., it's on the left after the bowling alley. Also, there are plenty of Asian markets on Central Avenue that may carry it. Don't know if the asian seafood market on morehead is still open: 919 S Mcdowell St., Charlotte, NC 28204-2809, Phone: (704) 375-4408. Good luck!

    1. there is a filipino store in winston-salem on Silas creek parkway though I have never been.

      I try to check it out and report back

      1. These sound pretty good. Maybe I'll try to pick some up next time I'm in Charlotte. I assume the bones are cooked until they are soft so you just eat them along with the rest? Or do you have to take the bones out?

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          That's right. The bones are cooked enough that when you bite in, all you might notice is some chalkiness where the spine is. Takes a little getting used to if you don't like bones, but I hear they're an excellent source of calcium. (The spine is not too difficult to remove, either, if that's your preference.) If you get these sardines, I'd recommend eating them with toast or some other simple bread. And, one more note: Filipino sardines canned (not jarred) in tomato sauce (not oil) are easier to find, and you might like those.