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Aug 23, 2007 11:09 AM

First time visiting N.O. and Louisiana

Heading to New Orleans for the first time in October. Would appreciate recommendations for restaurants that a tourist shouldn't miss - any meal, any price is fine. Would like nice choices for dinner as well. Will be there three days. Then driving east to Panama City. Any "can't miss" food stops in Louisiana? We're up to trying new things.

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  1. Brigtsen's and Clancy's near Tulane in the Uptown Dist. Comander's Palace is nearby. In FQ Galatoire's for sure, Bayona, Peristyle and Brennan's. Emeril's and Delmonico's is awesome. If you go past Panama City go to Appalachicola, FL. There are some great places to eat there.

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      Brigtsen's comes out on top if you're going to eat at any restaurant Uptown. Clancy's is sort of... less exciting, in my opinion. I've said it a million times--K-Paul's is excellent almost every night of the week. You cannot go wrong.

      If you don't make it to Brennan's, at least try Mr. B's or the Palace Cafe. Many people have also been recommending Cafe Adelaide lately.

      1. If you're considering Clancy's and/or Brigtsen's (and you should!), reserve 2-3 weeks ahead. You can always cancel at the last minute if you change your mind.

        Clancy's: 504-895-1111 (closed Sun.)
        Brigtsen's: 504-861-7610 (closed Sun., Mon.)

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          Great tip. I always do my reservations months out, and seldom regret. Even in the off-season, many spots, like Brigtsen's, fill up quickly. If the OP does have to cancel, I'd urge them to call, ASAP to do that, as well, so the restauranteur can fill in, or plan for the evening.


        2. You've gotten some good recs. for NO. I doubt that you will go wrong with any of them. One thing you might consider is to do Emeril's in NOLA, and then stop off at his Gulfport, MS site and make a comparison. We did not do it, on the last trip, and chose Vrazel's, instead. Now, I wish that I had also been able to do Emeril's, as we did Delmonico and have dined at Emeril's NO, and Las Vegas, and enjoyed them.


          1. Everyone mentioned the great dinner or lunch spots but you can't miss:

            Breakfast at Camelia Grill http://www.nolacuisine.com/2007/06/23...
            Coffee and Beignets at Cafe du Monde http://www.cafedumonde.com/main.html
            A Muffulletta at Central Grocer http://www.nolacuisine.com/2005/07/17...
            A roast beef po-boy at Parasols in the garden district http://www.parasols.com/about
            Oysters at Acme Oyster House http://www.acmeoyster.com/

            And I'm one who can't miss Mother's when I'm in town

            Sorry, I forgot you're only there for 3 days - oh well, eat 6 meals a day.

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              Thank you all for a great summary of choices. We'll certainly do our best to squeeze in as much as possible as we look forward to some major chow opportunities. Cheers!