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Aug 23, 2007 11:06 AM

1,000 Pt. Restaurants in the East Bay

I want to earn my next Opentable Dining Cheque without leaving the comfort of the East Bay. But I don't know much about the 1,000 point restaurants listed. Which ones would you suggest? The 1000 point restuarants are as follows:

C'era Una Volta--Alameda
Cuisine Restaurant--Berkeley/Oakland
Emery Grille--Emeryville
Ho Chow--Fremont
Mangia Mangia--Albany
PRIMA Ristorante--Walnut Creek
The Peasant & The Pear--Danville
Unicorn Pan Asian--Berkeley/Oakland

Any and all opinions appreciated!

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  1. PRIMA is very good but a bit pricey. Venezia is good and a fun place for good, casual Italian. I wasn't wowed by Citron. And I'd avoid Bridges -- pretty average. I haven't tried the others.

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      I agree that Bridges is very average. The portions are quite small and the prices not so small. Last time we were there, the wait staff was exceptionally snotty.

    2. I've had good food at Unicorn, however, it was about 3 years ago. I've noticed that their menu's changed a bit since then, but may still be worth a try.

      1. I would avoid Cera Una Volta and Citron. In the past year, I have had horrible meals at both . I have been to Cuisine at lunch and it is pretty good, but nothing worth going out of your way for.

        1. Does it have to be dinner? I've had delicious sandwiches from C'era Una Volta. Venezia is pleasant and the food can be tasty but it's a bit heavier than the more modern-style Italian restaurants around. I've always expected a lot at Citron and always been disappointed.