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Aug 23, 2007 10:53 AM

Tigard, OR lunch

Have a quick day trip to the Tigard area of Oregon. Looking for a relaxing lunch spot that isn't part of a mall.

No real preference ontype of food, just not a chain that we could find at home. And ambience should be relaxing/enjoyable...think of where you'd want to decompress after a morning spent with 1/2 a dozen toddlers.

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  1. Actually were given a recommendation of a little Japanese place in "downtown" Tigard and finally got around to trying it last week. The place is called Maki and it is a pleasant surprise.

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      We ended up going to Maki. The food was very good, setting was fine...but service was really sad. There were only 5 tables full, but still, the staff (family run) seemed to be overworked. I felt like I should get up and help.

      Thanks for the recommendation though. Sure beats Round Table Pizza or whatever we would have stumbled upon in the area otherwise.

    2. Well, Tigard is really close to lots of little communites that get clumped together and called Southwest Portland. If you have a car, you'll have lots of nice options. A place for lunch that I would recommend is called Riccardo's, and it's in Lake Oswego (on Boones Ferry Road) which is only about 10 minutes (or less) from Tigard. Actually, it's more like seven minutes from Washington Square Mall. They have good italian food and salads, and a very lovely outdoor seating area in the back which is always good for decompressing. Oh, and a great wine selection. Across the street from Riccardo's is a nice little Franch bakery and bistro -- I've never been there for lunch, but their bakery is fabulous.